Obama Clinches the Democratic Nomination for President

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama (Photo: vargas2040)

So, it has happened: a last-minute rush of Democratic superdelegates clinched Senator Barack Obama the party's nomination for President.

We don't typically post a lot of political posts on Neatorama (Adam Stanhope's occasional grenades notwithstanding - No, I'm not mad - actually, I'm quite tickled by some of his posts) ... but I want to know what you think about this historic moment.

From The New York Times:

“Tonight, we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another — a journey that will bring a new and better day to America,” Mr. Obama told supporters at a rally in St. Paul.
“Because of you, tonight I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States of America.”

The floor is yours.

I almost cried during his speach tionight. One of my roomies compared him to JFK, and with good reason. I just hope that the ss is up to the task of protecting him during the rest of the elections, and after.
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What do I think? I hope that he has more than pretty words; he certainly is a gifted speaker (and his speech writer is good). From the first, I've liked the look of him- and I don't just mean physical appearance. And after the way Hillary whined on and on during the whole thing- well, he sure gets my vote. AND- I'm glad...just plain glad.
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I'm glad the primary is over and that it was Obama. I've found Hillary to have been to hard and inflexible, I don't trust her to be an effective enough leader to achieve the things that I find important. I'm also concerned that she's such a strong force that if she gets choosen for VP then the two of them will conflict in ways that damage their ability to be effective in office.

As far as historic events go the next benchmark will be when race and gender aren't important enough to be noticed or considered beyond the appropriate use of pronouns.
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I'm very very proud of my country tonight! Just a nitpicking note, Obama actually secured the nomination with pledged delegates. He was 8 away when South Dakota closed and put him over the top.
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I guess I wasn't going to let myself believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. It really moves me that this is happening. It's inspiring and makes me proud.
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I'm glad the weaker candidate got the nomination -- this makes John McCain's task easier.

In the unlikely event that Obama actually wins the election, Americans will have a tough four years. But the upside is that he would be such a rotten President that the White House would stay in Republican hands for the next two decades afterwards.
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I don't really follow US politics at all but at least now the media won't be dominated by US politics and we might get a bit more coverage about the Lisbon treaty over here! Anyway, something I was wondering...I was under the impression that Obama was mixed race. So why does everyone call him a "black man". As someone who is mixed race I kind of think it's strange to be so proud of half your heritage and deny the rest. Maybe I'm mistaken and he hasn't said this directly himself (as I said , not a big follower of US politics) and it's the media. Anyhoo, just something maybe someone can clear up for me? :)
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@ Evil Pundit
At least there is someone with brains here. Obama CANNOT become the next president.

Obama is a fake. He only preaches change and never says what he will actually do. What he will do is raise taxes, remove rights and move this country even further to the socialist side.

The media is controlling the elections not the people. There are too many idiots going out and voting for who the media is talking about. This is exactly how McCain made the nominations.

I am not pleased with McCain and defiantly not pleased with Obama. McCain says he will try and change so he will be getting my vote.
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cuimhne -

Most Americans judge each other based on the most visible part of their ethnicity. Obama has dark skin, so is called African-American or black. Bill Richardson (who I hope Obama chooses for Vice President) has Latino heritage, but most people would call him white.

As for Shrillary, I'm glad she stayed in the race for so long. Nine months ago I would have been ok with her being VP, but she has shown that she cannot be trusted anywhere in US politics. She is a true egomaniac.
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I wouldn't get overexcited just yet. After all, he is a human like everybody else (one would think at least), so he won't be without fault.

I am saying this because so many people were freaking out (happily) that Germany finally got a female leader, but looking at the mess right now she is worse than the guy before her. But one can't estimate that before his or her work actually started. And I will never ever ever take any politician for his or her words, ever.
The one thing to possibly be proud of is the fact that voters didn't go by skin colour and gender, but that's it.
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Cuimhne, if you're 3/4 white and even 1/4 black in this country, you're just "black." It was a negative label in early America, but in today's highly sensitive multi-cultural society some people are quick to emphasize certain parts of their heritage more than others.
Also, Obama is the perfect candidate for this American Idol obsessed culture. We're suckers for charismatic public postering, media hype, youthful good looks, and ambiguous feel-good speeches.
Obama's a rockstar. Wish us luck!
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"The one thing to possibly be proud of is the fact that voters didn’t go by skin colour and gender, but that’s it."

BTW, Aeris. Many people will be be voting for Obama (and previously for Hillary) based soley on, skin color and gender.
And some will be voting for McCain for the same reason.
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Larry: i kind of got the feeling that this is what happened with our votings here. But being a woman doesn't indicate being a good leader. A rather high amount of voters (at least here) don't have a deeper understanding of what is actually going on (to put it nicely) and you don't have anything to rely on (to discover the truth) so I don't expect these things to change.
Elections and politics in general are so depressing that I have been trying to figure out where I could emigrate to ;)
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I won't be voting for president this year. I don't think Obama or McCain will make a good president. I think Obama won the nomination not by qualifications or rhetoric(just because you have a good speech writer doesn't a good president make) but because some Democrats didn't want another Clinton in the White House. And another thing I've noticed is when Obama talks off the cuff he sometimes can't put two good sentences together. I don't want a president who can imitate a pastor or one who hypnotises the people with his latest catch phrase. I'm looking to the next election..4 years from november. And no it's not sour grapes because I wanted Hillary to win. I would have voted for Gore, or Howard Dean or Dodd. It's a sad day for me.
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It IS depressing! I think it's tempting for people to vote primarily to set a precedent. First black president. First female president. And for good reason. But I hope we can get to the point where the novelty's worn off, we've broken all our old taboos, and we elect people based their leadership ability.
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I think hillary wanted to win just for the title of president, not to help the nation. And on a personal note, i found her voice to be really really annoying. It sounded like she gargled with sandpaper.
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Dems making history in a positive way -- but he's not "black". He's "mulatto". Doesn't have the same ring to it but he's just as "white" as he is "black".
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I am very happy to see Barack Obama grab the nomination regardless of Hillary's "It is MINE!!!" attitude. Hillary is in it for herself, Obama is in it for his country.

I only hope he is smart enough to NOT have Hillary as his VP. Doing so would make him a dead man walking since NOBODY will keep Hillary away from HER presidency. Obama would have an "accident" like many others around the Clintons and Her Lying Smugness will have her throne.

Congratulations but don't do it Obama!
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"Obama is in it for his country"? Huge mistake you're making there. What do you base that on? Good speeches? The moment you think any political candidate is in politics for YOU or your country is the moment you become a sucker. Regardless of party affiliation, good speaking ability and youthful good looks, don't fall for the idea that any politician has your best interests at heart. Be wary of all or fall victim.
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The way some of you talk it would seem a miracle that the United States has ever had a honestly good president. And yet, it >has< happened before, and so I entertain the possibility (the hope) that it will happen again. After the last eight years of institutional incompetence, a good President (and an equally capable administration) is something this country desperately needs.
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I started out nominally in Hillary's favor. I was pulled nominally into the Obama camp by the time the Massachusetts primary took place. I have been fully in his camp for some time now. I think he's fantastic.

Just to give Carruthers, et al some bait...

I also didn't fundamentally disagree with much of what the Rev. Wright had and has to say about the political state of affairs in the United States and the consequences of our foreign policy. He speaks uncomfortable truths. In order to learn from our mistakes and begin to follow a better path into the future, it is important that these truths are articulated and heard. People can still pretend that they aren't real, but at least they will understand that they resonate with many people.
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I am from an area where "the N word" is still said with frightening frequency and where the only black family that lives in my town (and yes, there is really just one) walks around town with their heads down. Seeing this, regardless of any politics, says a lot about how the views of the US in general regarding race are changing, and gives me hope for the future of race relations in my small, rural town.

Just an FYI for those commenting on Obama's speech writer, he writes his own speeches... ;) I would recommend reading one of his books, if for no other reason than to enjoy his mellifluous style of writing.
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Well whoever wins the election, they are going to be in for a hard four years. The economy will still be in trouble, and we will still be fighting in Iraq. None of these have easy and quick solutions.

In a sense I kind of feel bad for whoever gets the top spot next, because most likely he will be blamed for not miraculously fixing these multi layered, and complicated problems.
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A black guy (mixed race...whatever.) won the nomination for the Democrats. Yay. Aren't the dems magnanimous. So.....he talks about all of this change and a new direction for our divided country. But what is he going to do? I suppose we'll find out once he's told by his handlers and handed another flowery speech. Empty suit folks. Empty suit.
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I was all for Obama until it became public that his closest confidants he talks policy with hate white people.

I also didn't like it that he accused all whites of being racists using his own grandmothers as a prime example.

The one good thing about him winning is that now no-one can complain anymore about being held back in the US because of they are black.
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notfromconcentrate, I don't think anyone's naive enough anymore to think they know exactly what any politician is going to do once they get into office. Where this candidate stands apart for me is in the realm of accountability. If you want to get an idea of what he HOPES to do, you're in luck, because unlike most candidates he puts real ideas and potential plans out there for public scrutiny, instead of just buzzwords. http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ and check out "Blueprint for Change."
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Here's politics in America:

The corporate/government controlled media opens a virtual fish pond of humans for Joe Q Public to choose from, giving them the illusion of choice, allowing them to believe they have a place in the process, like when they squeeze their fat f@cking ass in the stadiums at football games and believe their good vibes actually change the outcome of the game.

Democrats - Republicans = both corrupt entities controlled by corporations

What happened to The League of Women Voters?

Where are all the other choices/parties?

No one talks about this on corporate media, because it's a brainwashing clown head which you end up parroting the clown speak from at home, work, etc. without thinking outside of the electronic box.

When people bring this reality to you you react with humor, personal attacks, mocking, etc. so you don't have to mentally face it.

You are fucked and you'll continue to get fucked and like it, you only have the illusion of control.

Here come the insults from the sheeple.

Watch some Bill Hicks (samples available at YouTube) and "Squeegee your third fuckin eye" as he said. Only when you change your perception will the dreamy clown head run by corporate criminals fade and you'll see the truth.

Bubbling under the surface of America is the lawlessness of Katrina, the cattle are kept under control by threat of prison if they don't pay taxes which fund the corrupt system.

Before you open your parrot beak to parrot the clown head box's latest propoganda piece, ask yourself these questions, regarding YOUR TAX MONEY:

"Why am I funding an illegal war?"
"Why am I funding a failed and immoral drug war which puts non violent pot smokers in jail so they can have their hineys plundered by diseased gang members?"

The whole system is broken, you know it, I know it, but you'll wave your Made In China or Made In Korea American flag when the Corporate Republican or Corporate Democrat wins, and blog about it while funding the system which continues to destroy your dreams. You destroy us all by paying into a broken system.

Your first protest can begin by writing in WESLEY SNIPES for PRESIDENT. He won't win, but the message will be sent.

How is your life's transmission working out for you?

Do you sleep work consume and scoff at the hippies which actually got off their fat white/black asses and actually did something, together?

Marijuana is illegal because it brings whites and blacks and other races TOGETHER.

Only when we "squeegee our third eye" will we see the truth. You don't have to join a cult, you don't have to believe in some god, nature has given us powerful plants which THEY keep from you with laws SO YOU OBEY.

* watch the movie "They Live", see IMDb.com for info.
* watch all Bill Hicks' videos
* READ "Food of The Gods" by Terrence Mckenna

The TV continues to control your perception via big corporation/government.

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"The way some of you talk it would seem a miracle that the United States has ever had a honestly good president."

ChrisCyrek, sadly I think it is kind of a miracle when it happens. You've got to wonder what kind of a person thinks they're the right person to sit in the captain's seat of arguably the most powerful nation on the planet. It would take a great deal of self-confidence. Easy to confuse with arrogance or even megalomania.

A little off topic, but I've always thought that Lincoln orginally became president out of personal ambition, but throughout his term, became a better man through the trials of a divided country and tragic personal loss. So, I do believe in miracles. ;)
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As a conflicted rationalist, I see your point. But I can count at least five great presidents on one hand. These men (yeah, sorry HRC supporters, not this time) also tend to be in office around times of great distress: Kennedy, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Madison. While we didn't roll a great prez to meet the demands of the nascent 21st century, it seems possible from here that we are on a historical course correction.

As for you kids crying that the worlds unfair and that I should watch They Live! (you forgot the exclamation point) - the world is an evil place, this is not any special knowledge. One day you will grasp what that really means. Until then, by all means, don't vote!
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I am happy that a black man is finally won nomination for his party. I'm disappointed in the field of candidates. Hillary's a recipe for disaster and Obama is about as ineffective in what he wants to give (bankrupt) America. No government has ever taxed and spent it's way to prosperity, ever. John McCain, I just hope he's not a wolf in sheep's clothing. Democrat's have been screwing us over since Lyndon Johnson. Republican's have been doing the same. I'd love to see issue's debated, but this election process has been pretty pathetic. They shoot horse's don't they?
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Sigh... well, as South Park put it - sometimes your choice comes down to a giant turd versus a big douche, but that's the choice. In any case, now that Obama's main opponent is McCain instead of Hillary, there will be no reason to pull punches on exposing Obama as the extremist he is. He is a classic tax and spend liberal with strong socialist leanings. He is a babe in woods when it comes to our enemies, foreign policy, and defense. He talks about "hope" and "change," but would bring us back to the golden age of Jimmy Carter with his policies.

I am no McCain lover, but I'd vote for him twice before even considering voting for Obama or Hillary for that matter.

The good news is that once Obama's real ideas are exposed the only people who will still want to vote for him are college kids who don't know any better, folks suckling the teet of government-controller wealth redistribution, and those who base their votes on identity politics ("so and so looks like me so I'll vote for him," or "I'm such a good liberal by voting for a minority.").

So if you want to keep a respectable percentage of the money you earn, consider our nuclear-armed and soon-to-be-nuclear-armed enemies a real threat, or don't believe the government runs ANYTHING well (let alone our healthcare), then I don't care how you feel about McCain - go out there and vote against Obama!
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I am still trying to understand the Obama phenomenon, because in my mind he is smooth talker without any substance and a bevy of foolish policy ideas. In my experience talking with his supporters, the #1 reason given is that he is black, and that it would be a great symbolic gesture in the name of equality to elect him. The #2 reason is that he is "like JFK", that is, his presence fulfills some sort of deep emotional need for a secular messiah-like figure.

This election was to be a shoe-in for the Democratic party, but I think they've just handed it to McCain. Obama has a fervent base of worshippers, but so many people I know who were straight-ticket Democratic voters in the past express mild distrust of Obama to me, they think he is skilled at telling people what they want to hear, and they will probably stay home on voting day (not cross lines and vote McCain).

By doing a 180 degree denunciation of his preacher, he tried to have his cake and eat it too. Those who already loved him bought it hook, line and sinker, but the rest understood that he would do and say anything to secure the big prize. Either his views are truly in line with Jeremiah Wright, in which case he is unfit for the office of Drain Commissioner let alone President, or his convictions are so fluid that he truly did happen to "see the light" about Wright after hitting the campaign trail. Either way, not the sort of integrity this country needs in a President.
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It's incredible how cynical people have become. The country is in trouble (war, inflation, environment) and I welcome ideas for improvement. Every other country in the "1st World" has universal health care and public transportation. Every other country in the "1st world" has high taxes to support these programs. Are they socialist? Or do they have a high standard of living, better education program, longer life expectancy, and 6 weeks of vacation?!? We need new ideas.
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Like most Americans, I was thoroughly dissatisfied with the Bush presidency. McCain supports many of Bush's failed policies--in 2008 and 2007 he voted with Bush 100% and 95% of the time, respectively. Thus McCain is obviously not the right choice if a change of course is desired. I believe Obama has the potential to bring about that change. Who better to restore the constitution than a scholar of constitutional law? Who better to unite us than someone whose base of support reaches across gender, class, racial, and etnic lines? Obama has even demonstrated an ability to reach across the political divide and accomplish goals (obama-lugar nonproliferation legislation, e.g.)Most of all, Obama is incredibly intelligent (you don't become president of the harvard law review if you're an idiot)and speaks to us like we are mature, intelligent adults. My hope is that he will raise the level of discourse in this country so are no longer manipulated by fear; no longer manipulated by the machinations of those who think every issue is a matter of patriot vs. traitor, war vs. surrender. Diplomacy, international cooperation, prosperity, and peace--at least we have a chance for these things with Obama. Even if its a small one, its still a bigger chance than we would have with another Republican administration.
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I'm not about to post a paragraph like everyone else, but YAY! Now the two candidates that I like are in the race, and I would be happy with either in the White House. They both want to change what we know isn't working, and I truly believe they have the willpower to do so.
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The only thing remarkable is that it took so long. We've had plenty of minority leaders in recent years and the world hasn't come to an end.

However, I would prefer to be living on Cameroi, where the President is chosen by lot and replaced once a week, almost as a volunteer position. But, then, the Cameroi are more advanced than we are. (ref:Polity and Custom of the Cameroi, R.A. Lafferty, 1966)
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Maybe instead of "mulatto" I should have called him a mutt? I DO NOT mean that in a durogatory sense: Think of all the "white", "black, and "interracial" people you know and tell me they(we) aren't all mutts? I'm a Swedish/Dutch/Irish/Kenyan/Sicilian mutt... But I'm American. That's the catch.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be pulling the lever for Obama in November.

But I maintain that he isn't any more black than he is white. Leaps and bounds have been made in this country in regards to racial equality yet it's still the crutch we use to explain or excuse his nomination. What about merit? What about ability? The distinction of skin color is only a marketing ploy to play on stereotypes, fears, assumptions, and emotions that people associate with race and self-identity.

I dare say I HOPE he's as great as he promises to be.
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So much has been made of race and gender in the Dem's joke and sham of a primary campaign (who the heck thought up superdelegates in what is supposed to be a democratic party? Isn't that a little oxymoronic, or at least moronic?), but to me, I could care less about the color of a candidate and what equipment is carried between the legs; what matters is what the candidate offers in the way of verifiable experience and shows solid economic, foreign and domestic policy stances that will keep the country's economy going and protect the country from outside threats.

Obama shows nothing but naivete in all those areas. He's a horrible candidate that has run his campaign on empty promises of "hope" and "change", specifying nothing, other than the same old tired Democrat mantra of redistributing wealth. If he makes it into office, he'll see a mandate to initiate change, just for the sake of change, whether anyone in the country supports it, least of all those who voted for him.

If that weren't enough to disqualify him for the job, he determines his stand on everything -- even whether to stay in his 20-year church home -- by sticking his finger in the air. If he's the best the Democrats can offer as a candidate, I'd say that party is in big trouble.

I find it interesting that no mention has been made of how the primary race has been drawn out to this point, at least partly due to the efforts of Rush Limbaugh's Operation Chaos, where Republicans were urged to vote for Hillary just to keep her in the running so that Obama would lose some of the sheen that the media tried to put on him early on. The Clintons did what they do so well, and Barack has been properly bloodied, ready for the general election. The trouble is that McCain will likely go after him with kid gloves (a gentleman's race) and will either lose or narrowly defeat him.

All that said, I almost hope that Obama wins in November, because when the office is going to either him or McCain, our country is going to see a very tough four years following. McCain is running on a platform that seems to be designed to cater to liberals and moderates and to piss off the Republican base. He talks more like a Democrat running against Bush than a Republican running against Obama. Because of that, I don't see a McCain presidency being any less harmful to the economy than an Obama presidency.

And with the continued downward economic slide that we're bound to see, I'd much rather have a socialist liberal like Obama at the helm to take the blame for it. I've heard several commentators comparing our present time to the years leading up to the Jimmy Carter presidency, and the malaise he ushered in. Most of you reading this thread probably have only read about Carter, but I lived through those times and can tell you that if it's true, we're in for it, and it won't be very pleasant. And if you remember your history lessons, you'll know that Carter's Malaise led to the election of Ronald Reagan in a landslide. A repeat of that, I think is our only hope.

For the next four years though, hang on to your butts, because it's gonna be a rough ride.
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Matty: "mature, intelligent adults" don't fall for hucksters who change their tune when political expediency demands it. Your post is a great summary of the feel-good sloganeering which typifies BO. Peace, love, unity, racial harmony, eternal sunshine, etc. Obama's speeches are packed with such mushy-feeling platitudes, so he's already lowered the "level of discourse". His adoring fans don't really care about the details of his policies; as long as he plays the role of JFK he will fulfill their dreams for a messiah. But Obama's bread is buttered by crooked union officials and other Jeremiah Wrights, so those of us who find servile adulation to be distasteful are apt to see through the glad-handling.
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Does it really matter who the nominees are? The black box will elect whomever it's programmed to. I would like that to be Obama, since politically he leans more my way. As far as everyone flipping their lid about socialism, keep in mind (or take the time to learn) that as far as the rest of the civilized world is concerned, America is peopled by crazy far far right-wingers. We could benefit from a democracy that is less about the almighty corporations and more about the people.
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B. Hussein Obama has been endorsed by George McGovern, the Demoncrat candidate in the 1972 election. Good ol' George is doing this because he expects to see McCain take all 50 states, which would help people to forget that George lost 49 of 50.

Dear God in heaven, we know that John McCain has flaws galore, but please do not allow Americans to suffer through Michelle Obama bringing her Jeremiah-Wright-in-drag act into the White House. That is one sick babe! Of course, putting up with her hatred would be a walk in the park by comparison with putting up with her hubby's destruction of the federal courts and his ultra-pro-abortion position. (He never met a preborn baby that he wouldn't approve of killing. He even approved of killing, outside the womb, babies who unexpectedly survive late-term abortions.)

PS: B. Hussein Obama is not "black," any more than John McCain is "white." Such labels are idiotic, especially when applied to a guy who has two parents with no ancestors who were U.S. slaves and one parent with zero background in Africa.
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I was at the Excel last night in St Paul. WHAT A SPEECH. The electricity of the crowd was amazing. What an incredible leader Obama will be. The usual republican fear mongering will hit a brick wall this year and we'll begin to get our country back.

Go Obama!
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It is thrilling to see diversity finally reaching the highest levels of government in our country.

It is sad to see so many people basing their opinions on something other than a thoughtful review of the candidates' qualifications and stated positions.
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Hey Tara, You say: "keep in mind (or take the time to learn) that as far as the rest of the civilized world is concerned, America is peopled by crazy far far right-wingers. We could benefit from a democracy that is less about the almighty corporations and more about the people."

If America could benefit from a democracy that is "more about the people", and it is simultaneously "peopled" by "far far right wingers", who have again and again rejected socialistic tendencies in their politicians (as it is anathema to the principles of our individualistic liberal democracy), then it follows that we have the right to choose our own destiny, and not allow the rest of the so-called "civilized world" to choose our path for us.

Socialists love to talk about "the people", but they sneer at the actual people who occupy this land.
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When he first started campaigning, I said "No way a black man or a woman will ever be elected in my life time".

Well, I'm happy to admit that it finally looks like he might have a shot. We are in for interesting times indeed, assuming the voting machines aren't mucked with.
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It is crazy how different comments here can be. There are so many people sucked into Obama's lies it is not funny at all. All these people are media obsessed people I guess.

I stopped watching the news years ago because I found it to be only corrupting my judgment rather than providing me news. They try and talking about something so long that it becomes part of your normal thought process and you think it is the right thing. It is the same way people like Obama and McCain make it though the nominations. This is the same thing that has happened with the ridiculous global warming thing.

If you are told something enough you will start to believe it for true. That is what the news does to people today.

I voted for Romney in Florida but McCain won. I knew for a fact Huckabee would not have a chance in the election from what I have been reading online.

I would like to see Ron Paul as VP for McCain. He may be extreme when he talks and debates but he does it with passion and you can tell unlike Obama which looks like he does it for the vote. Ron Paul also explains what he wants to do and what our problems are unlike Obama.
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I personally am happy that the primary is over, and that Obama has a chance to prove his worth. It would be very hard to do worse than Bush.

The comments here range from hateful to hopeful. People say he's a liar: what has he lied about? You say he's an empty suit: how about 1st African-American to become president of the Harvard Law Review. Socialist? He wants to offer (not force) Americans the same health care he gets. Idiot?! Read a frickin book -- the man's a brilliant writer!

He's the only candidate who can bring populist change to the white house. He's financed almost entirely by small contributions from private citizens, and that means that when he's elected no one will own him. He will be free to put the American people first -- and the corporations will have to get in line.
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It's very progressive to see non-white and female presidential candidates. In some ways it speaks highly of our mainstream society, at least in terms of mutual human respect.

However, I worry because there is still some very extreme racism in the society, which makes for severe safety & security issues in the case of an African American president. ANY president is an assassination target.

Considering the violence set off by the Rodney King incident, I shudder to think of what would happen in the event that an African American president is assassinated.

I wish conditions were better. If Obama gets in office, I hope he can help better conditions-- but he will be in greater danger than any white president, male or female.

Our country needs peace and stability. We still have far to go.
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I can't imagine the next four years of Obama being any worse than the last 8 years of craptacular performance by our current monkey in office. Whether his words are nothing but words I believe that we're about to see some actual change occur in the US real soon.

Here's hoping that he doesn't get shot.
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John McCain (with Mark Salter) has four published books. Obama has two. (Obama's "Dreams from My Father" was written in 1995, quite a while before Obama was recognized outside of his Chicago neighborhood.)

Obama is the real deal. McCain is ghostwritten. I am very happy we have a choice.
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I fear he'll be assassinated and all hell will break loose. All those guns in the community will come out and it will be on. I hope I'm wrong.
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Clinton Obama McCain, oh my!
Clinton Obama McCain, OH MY!
Clinton Obama McCain, ....

Republicans, democrats, and the clown head corporate media which brainwashes you...

Where is the outrage over a lack of other choices?

You stupid pieces of shit continue to buy into the system which ruins you..

Which you fund with your taxes and shrug off with "death and taxes" remarks...

Do you hate the war [in Iraq and perhaps Iran next]? Your words mean nothing if your taxes continue to fund it..
Do you hate the war on drugs? Your words mean nothing if your taxes continue to fund it..
Do you hate X,Y,Z injustice? Are you reading this you fat fucking swine bellowing into YouTube about Clinton, Obama, and McCain? You useless piece of shit who funds the shit you claim to hate, YOU are the PROBLEM, and these clowns in either party ARE NOT the solution, no matter how much they flap their "jasmine scented anus" at you about change.

You'll vote for the clown head corporation's choices anyway, mark this offtopic or troll, flame me or ignore this, it's all the same, one big record playing over and over with generations continuing the same sad song, crack another joke from The Simpsons or some other clown head media box remark, you're enslaved.

Vote Wesley Snipes and Ron Paul for President and Vice President to send a message - they won't win but your voice will be heard, this is a NONE OF THE ABOVE vote to say fuck you and your war machine taxes, we aren't going to take your shit anymore!

Only a minority march in protests in the land of the free, because they're too scared, apathetic, fat, and lazy, fingering their phones and gadgets like moist vaginas and hot, hard cocks. They don't care, they'll just blog about it and satisfy themselves for another moment, until something like Katrina happens from coast to coast and the American zit is picked and it will ooze out the truth, revealing to the world the very nature we so guard by slathering Celebrity worship and other empty distractions on for a disguise.

Fuck you, I'll laugh and chow down on popcorn as your merry-go-round starts up.

"All governments are liars and murderers." - Bill Hicks
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Congrats to Barack Obama for getting the nomination in a hard fought race between two fantastic politicians. The keyword here people is POLITICIAN. Make no mistake that be they black, white, man, or woman they are all in it for themselves.

I'm certain they love the country and want to serve it but to say any of them are above and beyond the nitty gritty that is politics would be to lie to yourself.

I do hope the Democrats win come November. McCain is just plain crazy. But even if McCain wins he cannot do worse than Bush Jr.
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It seems like the US is in for a bumpy ride. But I think that's what the Repubs want you to think, to scare people into voting for McCain.
I couldn't stand hearing Hillary's shrill voice, and for that alone, am grateful she won't be president. She lied as much as her husband did about his affairs in office, but they glossed over her lies.

Obama is as corrupt as any white or female governor. I feel his candidacy will prove to be very divisive, even though he's more of an "Oreo cookie" than the average black person in the USA. Only the wealthy and privileged upper crusts become president in your country.
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i'm a 47 year old white guy. i've held my nose and voted for republicans and democrats. i voted for perot. i voted for nader. for the first time in my life i can vote for a major party candidate who i truly like, who inspires, who i trust. i'm proud of the democratic party and of our country. i'm very excited.
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I cannot begin to express the happiness and pride I feel in Obama's incredible rise to becoming Democratic presidential nominee. Just a year ago I never thought he would have any real chance at all in the democratic field. In fact I never thought that Americans would see a president with Black ancestry in my lifetime.

But here we are, and Mr. Obama is oh so close to a most monumental period in American history. I am not Black but like others have been swept up by the message of hope he brings. What America needs is a leader that will bring respect back to the U.S. The current administration has made an absolute mess, and the world loves to hate America. But the world is also in love with Barrack Obama, they see what I see and what so many other Americans see, a fresh face that will unite the world.

What a story I can tell my future off spring, that I voted for the very first Black president of the United States.
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It would be even more historic if he wasnt connected to Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations... google "Obama Trilateral" and let the research begin.... he's certainly charismatic and quite a speaker... hand picked by the world's elite. congrats america, looks like you may have been fooled once again.
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Upper crust my ass. Obama came from a bad situation and made the best of it. That's the whole american dream. Obama's wealth is totally self-made, and as presidential candidates go, he's practically in the poor house. He's only worth 1.3 million compared to the 109 million the clintons are worth, and the 40.4 million that Cindy and John McCain are worth (according to salon.com).
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Ugh, I am sick of people saying, "See? A Black man made it into the Democratic party's top people. That would never happen with Republicans, bunch of racist hicks." when many Republicans pleaded with Condoleezza Rice to run, but she refused. I'm sick of people talking about how amazing Obama is, when he calls a horrifically bigoted and scary man his "confidante", then takes it all back. I mean, if his beliefs and friendships change that quickly, then what are we getting into? I know nothing of his stances, and neither do many of his supporters (at least, the ones that I know), and that really and truly frightens me. I'm not a Democrat, I'm not a Republican either, but I don't believe in a lot of things he appears to stand for.

Mostly, I hate the way he's completely sold out his identity to conform to people thinking he's "another Black American", because pandering to skin color is ridiculous. Unfortunately, denying half of his heritage and talking about racism that he never experienced (unlike Ms. Rice, interestingly enough)got him votes from too-proud people. I don't say they're too proud because they're voting for a Black man, which Obama isn't, I say it because they know NOTHING of what he stands for, but support him because they feel race is more important than anything else.

Screw this, I'm moving.
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@ Stratoblogster

Don't even talk about Rodney King, because apparently you know nothing about it. At all. The violence after that was mindless and stupid, and I remember being evacuated from my home for fear of ignorant, angry people burning it down based on the color of my skin. The anger at a president being assassinated is not the same as that against police officers to (too severely, maybe) beat a convicted felon who was involved in a high-speed chase moments before, and who they suspected to be on PCP. Have you ever encountered or seen someone on PCP? You can shoot them in the face, and they'll keep coming, and they will kill you without a second thought.

Mindless anger and violence is not the same as legitimate response to presidential assassination. I hope no one gets killed after this, and considering the remarks I've heard, it's not Obama I'm worried about. People where I live seem to believe that if you kill a Republican president, the Democrats have a shot. I doubt he'll be in any more danger, and the fact that race seems to be all you see just makes me sick.
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Lenore, it's sad to see all some people think about is bringing "diversity" into the government.

I say, the most qualified should get the job. I don't tihnk Obama is that one.
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At the very least, he seems eloquent and charismatic enough for the rest of world to take the Presidency seriously for the first time in 8 years. Even if he spews nothing but lies and BS, at least he won't sound like a sputtering idiot doing it.

As a Canadian, from what I've seen so far Obama is FAR easier to have respect for (relative to Bush).
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Obama is only eloquent when he reads from a teleprompter.

Get him on his own and he doesn't even know how many states there are. If elected, he will make Bush look like a genius.
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Obama doesn't read from a teleprompter. Generally, he memorizes his own speeches (that he wrote). Watch his eyes when he speaks, he looks out at the crowd, and shifts his eyes from person to person.

I have no doubt that Obama will get elected in November. There's been a sizable migration out of the Republican party in the past couple of years. Rush tried to cover the numbers with his BS "operation chaos," when the numbers came in about how many former Republicans were registering as Dems. But I suppose time will tell.

p.s. -- when Obama misspeaks once, saying he's been to 57 instead of 47 states, you jump all over him. When Bush misspeaks on a semi-daily basis -- so many that it would be pointless to list them here -- it just gets glossed over. How about McCain? He doesn't know the difference between Sunni and Shiite, and has proven it half a dozen times. How are we supposed to believe he's capable of making the right choice in an area where he can't tell the two major factions apart.
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I really don't understand why people underestimate the power of pretty words. Yes, perhaps his idealism is a bit contrived at times but its refreshing to have a politician stand up and give it his all to inspire the American people.

The assumption that a democratic presidency mandates "tax-and-spend" policies is outdated and undermines the political process as a whole. Sure, Bush gave "us" (by which I mean a certain 10%) nifty little tax cuts but what have we gotten out of it, really? We're spending out the ass for Iraq which has in turn (directly or indirectly) led oil to skyrocket and the dollar to fall. Great, we're not paying as much in taxes but now I'm paying three times as much for gas, get absolutely no assistance in paying for school (which makes getting my degree that much harder), and haven't seen a doctor in nearly three years because I can't afford the medicine.

The current model has failed us. When Bush ran on a conservative platform it was easy for him to win based off of ideology, everything was rainbows and puppy dogs in the world (comparatively). Look around, the world has gone to shit, complete and utter shit.

Bush has squandered not only his own legacy, but the American legacy as well. Obama is the only person who can bring about the sea change we need to cope with this drastically altered world. I don't dislike McCain, but he is not the President we need right now.
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I wonder where the abject HATRED of Obama comes from.

I'm just about as liberal as they come, and I'm quite fond of Obama, but I don't HATE McCain. I think McCain is all wrong on the war and I think he keeps poor company at times, but he's not an evil person nor is he worthy of spite.

Can't you player-haters respect your ideological opponents without despising them?
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@ Adam,

Some of the most venomous speech I have heard has come against our current President Bush. I hope you would equally speak against the hatred against Bush.

I am not a fan of any of the major candidates. I think they all have major flaws, with Obama's being slightly worse in my opinion.
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Remember when differences in opinion lead to discussion and not blind anger with insults devoid of facts?

I am very pleased Obama secured the nomination. I look forward to debates between the two candidates and can only hope people will look at each of them objectively.

In some defense for the man I voted for:

It is true, Obama's speeches lack in the specifics of his policy and legislation ideas. They wouldn't be nearly as effective if he had to spell every bit out. However, if you were to TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH, you could find out specifically what his plans are on his website. You would also find that he has much more detail than McCain does or Hillary did. Additionally, after the embarrassing speeches of our former leader, wouldn't eloquence be a big positive in improving our reputation globally?

I am also thrilled, that Obama immediately called for the Democratic Party to put an end to accepting funds from lobbyists and special interest groups. McCain made a similar effort for just his campaign and due to it he's lost a lot of support. I do not agree with McCain's views, but I am impressed at his attempts at cleaning up his act (even if they're for backwards reasons). I believe this has been Obama's biggest strength already. He has cleaned up the election process by playing nice. Those who attack him have come off looking worse than the negative image they attempted to project. Perhaps the whole idea of politics is changing as our society becomes more transparent and information more available.

Doubtful, but I do have HOPE.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)
I see where you're coming from Adam, and in many cases I am the same way, but regardless of political affiliation and whatnot, I don't like McCain as a person either. I won't comment on how he treated his ex wife, but I will say that the way he handled the Vietnam P.O.W. issue is absolutely disgraceful. Not only that, but he runs on this platform of being a P.O.W. hero, yet there are doubts about his true experiences. His military record is less than stellar. Since that's his bread and butter he deserves extra attention on this very issue. And he can't even remember, or deliberately forgets, his stances on many issues including Iran. Don't forget that McCain is also a known hot head, showing flashes of nasty temper and extreme political incorrectness. Does America need a guy like this as a "leader?"
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)
Ummm... Geekazoid... do you know anything about McCain's divorce from his first wife? They divorced quite amicably, and still talk. He came back from a POW camp in Vietnam a very changed man, and she accepted that. They have kids together and don't hate each other or anything. So the guy's divorced, that doesn't mean he was horrible to his first wife.

Also, what about him handling being a POW was disgraceful? The man was offered the chance to come back when he was first imprisoned, but turned it down when they wouldn't extend freedom to the other soldiers. He had all of his teeth knocked out in the camp, and was repeatedly tortured. How do you doubt that?

I'm sorry, I disagree with many of Obama's policies, and I hate how he's handled the Wright situation (oh God, don't get me started on Wright himself)... but really? Nitpicking at John McCain's POW status and former marriage? What is wrong with you?
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)

I'm so confused at how he was so close with Wright, then denied any friendship with him, saying "he's just my pastor." If he'd said "I was close with him, but I can't agree with his ideologies" much earlier, I wouldn't be so suspicious. People say Wright hasn't said such terrible things. He's said some pretty bad ones himself, but look at who he associates with. He gave a lifetime achievement award (based on honesty and integrity) to Farrakhan, who said that Whites aren't fully evolved, and has associated himself with the man who said "The henhouse of America is filled with foul white birds waiting to be slaughtered."

Sounds fantastic to me (Italian/Greek/Irish/Welsh/Austrian)
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