Star Trek: The Next Generation Rap

Who didn't love Star Trek: The Next Generation at one time or another? Well, I can't say that I ever *loved* it, but I liked it enough to watch an awful lot of it once upon a time. Has it really been FOURTEEN YEARS since the series ended? Wow. This video by "Those Aren't Muskets" has some clever and funny jokes. Warning: might be a little bit racy.. Example lyric: I left the holodeck with a hollow dick. YouTube.

I think the one rapper said Wesley Crusher was getting it on with "Yours Truly" - has the meaning of that phrase changed?

Only watched about half. The whole "holodeck fellatio" bit was too lame.
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This goes way beyond a little racy, if it was a comment, it would probably be censored based on (in your words) excessive profanity.
Not funny, dumb and sophomoric
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pretty funny, but I thought it would have become viral if they had been a little more creative on their lyrics. Focusing on sex and dicks wasn't the best decision in my mind.

Regardless, it was still good.
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Its good but its no Adam Buxton's "TNG Song". (from UK Channel 4's Takeover TV, the precursor to the superb The Adam And Joe Show - a programme our American cousins will have sadly missed out on.)
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Sorry Frank, but I was paraphrasing since actually quoting the words would have involved replaying part of that crappy video.

So, what exactly is "getting crunk", and do male rappers ordinarily brag about "getting crunk" with other dudes?
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nothing should ever be turned into a rap. ever. even though it's been done for the last 15 years, it's as stupid today as it was the first time it was done.
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