Cell Phone in the Microwave

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If you are still not sure that cell phones are evil, this should convince you. Don’t ever try this! -via the Presurfer

The black stuff looked like some kind of monster rising out of it! It made me cry.

Just kidding. It does look like it might just be some kind of ad, though.
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Wow. Who the hell would flag that as inappropriate for younger users... While those creepy PETA videos remain as appropriate for younger viewers on youtube?
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please tell me that whenever you decide to nuke something technological in your microwave, you don't ever put food in there again.

it's fun to make old CDs and DVDs go sparkle and pop, but how do you know you're not releasing carcinogens into all the food warm up thereafter?
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Microwaves do such interesting things. I'm really tired of explaining to Youtube commenters the difference between electromagnetic radiation and particular radiation, though.
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I put my dad's cell phone in the microwave after i dropped it in a puddle when i was like, 6.

It asploded the microwave and made the house smell like ugly for like 2 weeks.

It was cool!
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Cell phones are the evil, with the monster/demon thing forming from the melted plastic and inheritally causing breaker switches to fault ;)
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is he an idiot phone batterys contain heavy hetals wich will be vaporised by the microwaves and are highly toxic and mutagenic and will probly go into his kitchen.
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You people are funny, of course it's real! I know this because my cousin's friend stole his dad's cell and nuked it! The creature escaped, and children who go out at night are eaten. Their remains have been found in the sewage system.
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For Pete's Sake, this is an ad for no-evil.net for Net10 Phones, its advertising how "evil" conventional cell phones are... take a look at no-evil.net for more info
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