When Bodybuilding and Steroids Go Too Far

Steroids abuse and bodybuilding have gone hand in hand for decades. Many bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to give them an edge in competition, but some guys (and gals) go too far. Way too far.

Here's an article from Life in the Fast Lane about what happens when you abuse steroids (read the bit about what happened when a female bodybuilder took way too much steroids ...)

http://www.lifeinthefastlane.ca/when-bodybuilding-and-steroids-go-too-far/offbeat-news - via The Presurfer

Most obvious effect - You look ridiculous

While I respect people wanting to be in shape, a lot of body builders, especially steroid users take it beyond fitness and body sculpting. Seems more like a body dysmorphic disorder.
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*shudder* There is not a single good-looking person on that page. And as if the freakish muscles weren't bad enough, the veins popping up all over is a sure turn-off. Ugh ugh ugh.
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"At least" pro bodybuilders have something to 'aspire' to going to such extremes, namely the possible financial rewards as well as fame. Other than that building muscles to extremes is not only unhealthy, but I don't know of even one female that remotely finds these muscleheads in the least attractive. Gross is right.
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WOW..as someone who has been going more frequently to they gym, I must say I think I want to dial it back a notch! Of course I am no where NEAR that size...still enough to put the fear of god into you. Even if the pics are photoshoped.....
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I don't think these people are using the steroids to be simply attractive to the opposite (or same, I guess) sex. These are pro body builders who revolve all of their life around this "sport". There are steroid users who don't go overboard and use it to tone up, I guess, and you can't really tell that easily. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any person should take steroids ever. But when I was in school there was this kid who was on steroids (bubbly muscles, an asshole, etc.) and he had a lot of lady friends. It was obvious to some that he was using, but the dude still got the ladies. Meanwhile, regular-sized-testes me got no action.

Also, lolz at 2 inch lady clitoris. Vomitlolz.
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Somebody was busy with the 'shopping on that site.

Everybody comes down on the steroid users, but they're happy with their lives, just like the body-mod folks who feel the need to do strange and disturbing things to their bodies.

It's a strange, strange, world.
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On 'juiced' up women:

"Josh recalls lying in bed nestled in each other’s arms after some particularly torrid sex that made him wonder if he was sharing the bed with an entire soccer team after a world championship."
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I hate to tell you guys this, but I've seen guys that big in venice beach. Those pics are probably not photoshopped. The blogg mentions this, but check out the trailer for "Bigger, Stronger, Faster." It's creepy...
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