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Typo Hunt Across America is the blog of the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL). They spent the last couple of months not only finding and pointing out typos on public signs, they also corrected them or tried to get them corrected (with varying degrees of success). Now the League is asking for your stories of public typo correction. Therefore, I found myself checking this post over and over in case they find a typo here! Link -via Metafilter

I'm guessing the people that are a part of TEAL are white just because of this website:

they must crap their pants when they get a txt message!
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Haha, I hesitate to mention this, because it would cause a lot of aggravation for the crew members if people started bugging them to fix everything, but at Trader Joe's all the signs are handmade by an art team. EVERY SIGN for every product, so there are bound to be mistakes. Most common, I've found, is a Q instead of a G, Quacamole, Baquettes. I don't fix them, though, I think it's pretty cute.
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I managed to convince my local supermarket to change all their "10 items or less" signs to read "10 items or fewer". Unfortunately they did it with masking tape and a Sharpie. But hey, it's something.
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Geez, if you read their stuff, they actually go around with business cards and ask people to correct their typos - sounds about as pleasant as being visited by Jehovah's Witnesses.

I believe that's how the Knights Templar got started.
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thanks TEAL for reminding people to respect the English language (sorry my comma key isn't working; I know there should be some in this post)

anyone who thinks they're going overboard needs to read a book now and then
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It's kind to call many of these errors typos, when they are simply presenting the stupidity of the writer. I cringe reading the comments of many blogs. Why can't people learn to write decent English? What is so terribly difficult about the difference between the verbs "to lie" and "to lay"? Oh, well. These errors are getting so common, clearly more and more people don't even see the mistake.
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I am reasonably certain that the word "typo" connotes
an accidental strike of the key, not an intentional
decision to spell a word incorrectly.

What these guys are talking about are not "typos",
they are grammatical and/or spelling mistakes.

I personally find the misuse of apostrophes to be more
bothersome and offensive than spelling errors, which can happen to anyone(except, of course, to me...).
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