Sand Fountain

This blurry YouTube video shows a strange phenomenon in Saudi Arabia: a 9-meter (~30 feet) tall sand fountain or geyser near the city of Al Ahsa. Notice that the sand don't mound up, as if there is a giant hole underneath that just churn up the sand particles. If anyone know what this is, please let us know!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks John M.!

if you stop the video in the early frames of the 14th second, you'll see that it's the face of the bad guy in the first Mummy film with Encino man in the lead.
(Spice blow - that's a good one.)
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All I could find is :
"Suddently, a 9-meter fountain (geyser) apparead, in the Al-Ahsae City, Eastern Saudi Arabia.
Immediately, Armaco geological teams and scientists hurry to deal with this strange phenomenon, but they did not succeed in explaining what happened !
But they agreed on a theory (...) that these are -what so called- burdens of the Earth.
Allah said in the Quran : "And the earth throws up her burdens (from within)" 99.2
Some scientists said this phenomenon will lead to apparency of new materials, which will change the humanity way of life ..."


Good scientific approach. Yep.
I vote for "big machine".

Anyhooooo, looking at the guy's Youtube channel I found this:
Crazy country.
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@Christophe: Holy crap@ skating on the freeway. My friends used to do that in high school, they just wouldn't do it with loose fitting clothing next to tires that spin really, really fast.

But that's just us.
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I think it maybe it was a pressure jet. Much like the opposite of sand traps with holes in the rocky undergrowth. Perhaps, this is a pressure jet caused by the nearby Aramco folks?
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When my mother lived in Saudi Arabia she observed things like this: what happens is, when they get rain, they get torrents, and the drainage system in the cities is pretty vestigal. She told me she saw people who'd been living down there in the drains thrown up in the air by pressurized geyers like this, along with their furniture. It's a strange story, and I may stick it on my blog.

Apparently the geysers don't last long, but they are powerful while they do.
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Here is a video that sort of corroborates raincoaster.
You can see the flashes from lightning.
Anyone here read Arabic?
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this is what is written in the link provided by Knife Knut above

??? ???? ???????? - ????? ???? - ??????
????? ?? ???

and it means "a rainy day, and the drainage is filled, look what happened"
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