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Money Ads

Brazilian newspaper Gazeta Mercantil's "Understand the real value of money" print ad uses shocking images of money to tout the newspaper's analysis of the financial market, as well as political and social events
influencing the world's economy.

Whether you agree with their political point of view, the artwork is quite interesting (the small pic above just didn't do it justice). And they're really not just singling out the Big Bad US - the print ads also skewer the Japanese Yen (bleeding eyes of Yukichi Fukuzawa? Whoa!) and the Euro.

Coloribus has much larger versions of the ads: - via Reddit

Considering the world's money markets are all tied too closely with the US, and that under Bush's regime he's ran up the national debt, robbed from social security, his cronies placed in charge of the lending market and other oversight department sat back and let bad practices get out of control, many of them up to the top taking bribes and kick-backs to turn the other way, in what as a history footnote will be one of the worst presidents in history and possibly the one point people can turn to as the beginning of the end of the US, I think the US dollar DOES make the most sense.
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Wow, I'm not even from the US, and I don't agree with this "artwork".
Just take all the worst anti-American propaganda and pop culture references the US being evil that you can think of, and jam them onto the picture of a dollar.
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Anyone notice the dollar and the euro both feature a Marijuana leaf ? I couldn't find one on the yen though (maybe I didn't check hard enough).

The US hasn't existed as long as Scotland has ( my home country) therefore I can assume that the US won't decline for at least 1000 years if all goes well.
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I'm brazilian, and to tell you guys the truth, Gazeta Mercantil should have done the same thing to our currency (Real). Lack of "mea culpa" here. We also have a lot of concerning problems regarding "money".
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It's crap. Anti-capitalist crap.

The US dollar has helped more people world wide than any other form of currency.

The OECD calculates U.S. development assistance in 2003 at $16.2 billion—more than double what was given by France, Germany, or any other European nation. Japan is second at $8.9 billion.

Private donations from USers was $33.6 billion in 2000.

America is the largest contributor to the U.N. budget at 22 percent, or $317 million, in 2004. It gives over 56 percent of the World Food Program budget and $72 million and $94 million to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, respectively.

The above commenter is right. They should use Mugabe or the Oil Ticks or some other currency for their money=evil metaphor.

The US currency is not evil. It is the lifeblood to many nations and struggling people.

And EVEN if you don't count the dollars. Where are the rescue ships on that dollar? You know, the ones that brought aid after the tsunami in 2003? The ones that sit off the coast of Burma today? Or the research and development that the US shares with the world?

Crap. Anti-capitalist crap.
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