Cheese Racing

The sport of cheese racing began in 1997 when a group of friends put individually-wrapped cheese slices onto a barbecue grill to see what would happen. To their surprise, the plastic did not melt or burn. But the cheese expanded, turning the objects into inflated pillows! The object of cheese racing is to see whose slice reaches full inflation first. Full details are at the “official homepage of the exciting cutting edge sport known as Cheese Racing.” Link -via the Presurfer

As someone who has accidentally done that while grilling, I can testify that not only does the plastic melt, it sometimes catches fire and smells godawful.

But these guys keep saying that they put put their wrapped cheese slices in a barbecue, so I guess something different happens when you smoke it for hours at a time using indirect heat.
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This reminds me of Pickle Racing —where you and some friends take the pickles out of your burgers and sling them onto a window of the restaurant.

The pickle that slid down fastest was the winner. There were variations to the game, like last pickle standing/sticking.

Burger Olympics anyone?
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