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Rescued Baby Squirrel

(YouTube link)

I found him on a busy road. He had either fallen out of the nest or had been forced out by dead parents, either way his was in a pretty bad way when I found him. Weak, bewildered, staggering around and on a busy road.

Figured to leave him meant death within hours, and he was just too damn cute for that!

Initially we rehydrated him, and that had a big effect. Then we started feeding him dilute fructose solution... and he loved that. After that we found him a new home at the animal sanctuary.

Beware the cuteness! -via I Am Bored

my sister nursed a squirrel back to health it was a baby so she fed it with a medicine dropper thing (they things they use to give babies/little kids medicine no idea what its called)
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That's sweet.
Squirrels kept getting into my friend's garage, and building nests. They killed a lot of squirrel babies that year. I wouldn't have had the guts.

We also had one fall out of a tree once - poor thing. My sister called Animal Control, and they took it away. I woulda loved to have taken care of it.
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I think you just made my day. I adore baby squirrels. I got to take care of a litter that was brought into the vet office I was working for. I wish they had good enough behavior to make a reasonable pet. Or at least let themselves be tame in a yard!
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I'm sure they'd be ok to be kept 'tame' in a yard. Let it go outside, but still keep food and stuff out for it to come back for.

I just love squirrels. I don't see how people can see them as pests and even think about comparing them to rats (even though I have nothing against rats either so long as they're not in my house).

Anywho... yay for nice people who like to help animals!
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That reminds me of the two kittens I found behind our house years ago. The mother was feral, and had moved all but the two, and they were next to dead when my brother & I found them. We put them in a box with a blanket & heating pad on low and fed them through an eyedropper. Later we found that pet shops had formula and bottles especially for kittens. That was pretty cool.

One weird thing is that kittens (and I would imagine squirrel kittens too) aren't able to pee on their own; normally the mother will lick their bottoms to get them to pee, and keeps the nest clean at the same time (can you say EEEWWWW!!??) I wasn't about to do that for them, but used a warm damp cloth to do the same thing. As the kitties got more mobile, they figured out how to do that for each other, and satisfied their need for suckling at the same time. Kind of a kitteh 69 thing going on. I took some pictures of that, but mom made them disappear long ago. Too bad; that'd be some good LOLCats fodder.
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My dad saved a baby squirrel when he was a kid. The mom died so he and each of his friends took one as a pet, but his lived the longest. It used to nestle in the sleeve of his coat, or eat in a sock with squirrel food at the bottom, and he'd let it climb trees and when he knocked on the bottom of the tree, it would come down.
Which is way cool. So props to any squirrel rescuers out there.
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The squirrel is very cute indeed, but they are a little too wild to keep as real pets. I think you can tame one from birth, they do get used to humans fairly easily as they are everywhere.
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Squirrels are cute. I think the neatest wild pet I know is my schoolmate's pet raccoon named Niko. He's pretty freakin' awesome.
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I knew some people who found a baby squirrel and took care of it. When it got bigger they let it outside and left their window open, with peanuts in a bowl on the coffee table. It would climb up the bbq and into the window to get food. At first it was cute, but since it was so used to humans it wasn't afraid of them either. It bit my little brother. He didn't draw blood though. I don't know if it's still alive, though, I moved away.
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