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Trivia: Microsoft Wingding Controversy

In the Wingding Controversy, if you type out "NYC" in Microsoft's wingding font, a skull and bones, Star
of David, and a thumbs up glyphs appear.

Some people interpret this as an approving message of killing jews in New York City. Microsoft strongly denied that this was intentional. The company did, however, intentionally arrange the glyphs of an eye, a heart, and a city skyline as the "NYC" sequence in the later-released
webding font.

Hahahha best piece of information ever...

Why would anyone think that was intentional, what's so special about NYC? It's as special as any city.
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Some person told me if you typed Q33(supposedly the plane number that crashed into the Twin Towers)and NY in Wingdings, it will show a plane and and two pieces of paper that looks like buildings along with a skull and the Star of David. Here's a page explaining the it:
I thought it was an interesting tidbit that goes along with the article :P
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Uhh... whatever! We all know the true meaning behind it is that the Skull and Bones and Zionist Banking Jews control NYC!
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And other deciper this as a message that Jews were responsible for 911; A more substanial theory. Israeli spying on America is nothing new... and false flag attacks by Israel are very common: the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty. etc... Israel is no friend of America... or the world. They knew what was going down on 911, and did nothing to stop it... and they used it for their advantage, send Americans to fight and die for the wars THEY started.

Wake up sheeple.
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