Can I Park Here?

This sign confuses me. Does it confuse you? Submitted to -via Geek Like Me

@Video Game Dork: no, that's only past the sign, to the left. To the right you can park at some times, if you have a Texas Instruments calculator and did well on story problems in Algebra I.
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You cannot park there from 8 am to 8 pm on any day.
On Mondays 4pm to 11pm and then from 11:30pm to 7 am the next day.

So, starting on Sunday you can park there starting at 12am until 8 am. Then 8pm until 8 am Monday. Then 11-11:30 pm. Then 7am to 8am on Tuesday and then then rest of the week is free from 8pm to 8 am the next day.

Of course, this may not count on Sundays and Holidays. And then if it snows a certain amount that city probably has a schedule of plowing that includes odd and even numbered days.

In other words, this city hates you and your car.
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that reminds me of parking in hollywood. except there, instead of being grouped together, the signs will be scattered around the block. better not miss one or youll get towed.

im not kidding. thats the sad part.
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Parker you forgot to include the restrictions of special plates and 30 minute time limit indicated by the top right sign and orange permit requirement of the second sign down

Of course if you do manage to find the right situation in which you can park there it may be moot if you go too far to the left of the signs
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