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How I Spent My Stimulus

See how Americans report spending their economic stimulus checks, and submit your own report at the blog How I Spent My Stimulus. Doug in Ohio sent this picture in, saying:
"I bought 25 yards of mulch which included a back ache. Fun, Fun, Fun!" -via Cynical-C

At least someone saved it. There should be an actual survey on what people do with their checks. Give Gallup something else to do besides all of those horrendously tiring election polls.
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I owed more in taxes then my the amount of my stimulus check. And I need to save my money at the moment, so I ain't helping the economy that much.
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I paid some bills and bought silver bullion with the rest.

Recession's here, Depression's coming, Total Collapse is on the horizon.
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I bought an 80gb Zune with my stimulus check and Bose Quietcomfort 3 head phones with my refund...

God Bless America *wipes single tear
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I won't be getting a check, but if I was I'd be buying some really good bras. Just seeing George Bush leave office will make me happy enough. I don't need any lovely "parting" gifts.
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Christophe hit the nail on the head regarding Keynes, except that it isn't just the Republicans. The Democrats leading Congress signed onto the stupid scheme as well and fit themselves into every photo-op possible concerning it. Both parties have little grasp of economics or fiscal prudence.

The whole scheme is pretty fiscally unsound. We borrow money from Red China (through sale of government debt), pay it out to taxpayers, and urge them to run to Walmart and buy some stuff made in Red China. Whose economy will this stimulate?

This is very short term thinking anyhow... The US (and States') governments need to drastically cut their own spending on socialist nannystate programs and just let taxpayers keep more of their earned income in the first place.
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I am throwing it into a savings account since I know I am going ot have to give it back to the tax fattened bureaucrats in DC at some point. It isn't "free money" as many seem to think. The government has to TAKE the money before it can GIVE it to you. I just want to know where it came from before I spend it. My bet is on the $600 I have today will cost me $800 in taxes next year.
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I sent the IRS way more in self-employment taxes last month than I will get in a stimulus check this month. So it will go to the bank to cover regular bills. Like every other dollar I get.
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@Daneeta- Bush declared an economic stimulus plan to aid people during these financial hardships. honestly, i'm with sid here. where did the money come from if we're 9trillion in debt? anyway.. in order to get one of these checks, she would have had to claim herself on her taxes (i think.. i didn't recieve a check either, and this is how i understood the plan to work). i know some people claim their parents, and of course i don't know what your situation is, but the only reason she shouldn't have recieved one is if she was claimed by someone else. i'm not sure the intricacies of the plan so don't quote me on any of this..

i know everyone is out for our money, but i'm wondering why banks didn't jump on top of this and advocate the opening of a savings account. if i had recieved a check, that's probably what i would have done with it. maybe buy a video game or two...
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The checks have not all been sent yet. I will get one, but it hasn't arrived. Someone told me that it has to do with the last two digits of your social security number, and mine are high digits, so I'll be one of the last to receive mine.
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I paid off my motorcycle - THANK YOU IRS.

No it isn't free money but all of you who are gripping about the fact you got one - send yours to me. I will be happy to spend it without bitching about it.
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