Flame Warriors

Nitpick compensates for his limited fighting ability by pouncing on points that are only marginally relevant to the discussion. For example, if his opponent in a sports forum conflict casually mentioned the Cubs' 4-2 victory in the 1908 World Series, Nitpick would quickly counterattack with something like, "4-2 !? Any moron knows the Cubs won the Series 4-1! Someone so ignorant about baseball history can't possibly know anything about salary caps!" Even if the minor point is conceded by his opponent Nitpick will return to it whenever the battle turns against him. Though weak, Nitpick is very tenacious and will never admit defeat. Nitpick is a close ally of Artful Dodger.

Illustrator Mike Reed began caricaturing the personalities that forum users display during flame wars some years ago, and the collection has expanded over time. There are now 89 distinct warriors! Surely you will recognize some of these from your own experience. Flame Warriors should be required reading for all users before participating in any online forum. http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm -via Everlasting Blort

Flame Warriors should be required reading for all users before participating in any online forum.

I think a guide to spelling and grammar may be more immediately useful. I'm really getting tired of seeing horribly misspelled words on forums that actually have a spell check feature. (Makaronee? Really? You think so?)
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Flagrantly misspelled words don't bother me so much (though I really love Firefox's auto spell check in any text box), because not everyone speaks English as a primary language.

I think a mild dose of apathy might go a long way for some of these. Let trolls and fools roll off your back, and stick to the discussions that actually provoke meaningful thought instead of pointless bickering.

(I mean, honestly, is an internet debate about God really going to change anyone's minds?)
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Oh no... Nit-Picker sounds like me at times. :S

That website is way cool, but I must say that... it's a little long. I'd love to read a condensed version.

... was that an example of nit-picking?? Argh!
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Thought it was great.
Yes, a little comprehensive, but for the most part, clever.

My only regret was I couldn't find where I fit on the list.
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