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Lesbos Islanders Mad About the Word "Lesbian"

People of the Greek Island of Lesbos [wiki], the original Lesbians, are suing gay organizations from using the term "lesbian" to mean a homosexual woman:

The man spearheading the case, publisher Dimitris Lambrou, claims that international dominance of the word in its sexual context violates the human rights of the islanders, and disgraces them around the world.

He says it causes daily problems to the social life of Lesbos's inhabitants.

By the way, the word "lesbian" is derived from the erotic poems of the ancient Greek poet Sappho [wiki], who was born around in the 7th Century BC in the island of Lesbos.

Link - Thanks CheeseDuck!

The only rights that are being violated are those of gay organizations. This lawsuit would prevent them from speaking freely, which includes calling themselves whatever they want. Besides, this lawsuit implies that the people of Lesbos are ashamed to be mistakenly associated with gay females. That sounds a bit homophobic to me.
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If anything they should open up the Island to be a paradise for the Lesbian couples out there in the World. Think of the revenue you'd get from all them visiting the birth place of the "Lesbos" movement? ;)
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In college, I knew a girl whose family was from Lesbos. She introduced herself as a Lesbian to everyone she met, because she thought it was hilarious.

She was straight, by the way.
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This is stupid, people from the island of Lesbos would be called "Lesbosians" in the first place; my bet is that they're just sick of lesbian couples visiting Sappho's paradise!
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Um, Anyone remember the myth of Jason and the Argonauts? How they stopped at the Isle of Lemnos (part of Lesbos)? Some of the versions of the myth captured on ancient pottery seem to indicate that after the women killed their husbands, there was no one else to turn to buy women. That, to my understanding, is the origin of the term Lesbian.
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Christophe -

You may enjoy calling homosexuals "DINKs" but that's not the correct term. DINKs are married couples with no children, regardless of sexual orientation.
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I propose the islanders rename their geographic abode "the dikes". After all, there's bound to be a dam on that island or at the very least, a dame.

Doesn't matter what queers call themselves. They're not going to be welcome in heaven either.
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Someone needs to loosen up a little bit and look on the bright side. They could turn the island into a mecca for lesbian women, a cash cow of tourist sites, offering couples massage in high class hotels, all girls dance nights, places to give singles a chance to meet. In stead, because of a little ribbing, he thinks he's going to change a word that's been in our lexicon for hundreds of years. Idiot.
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Someone seems to be a little touchy. It also seems like he's losing a great chance to turn the island into the lesbian tourist mecca of the world.
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I find this quite amusing. The people of Lesbos is suing because a term coined by their most famous inhabitant. I mean, c'mon, Sappho was an amazing poet... Not to mention one of the first to write about people of all different sexual orientations.

As a lesbian (not the kind from Lesbos), I have got to say, I can't see how calling oneself a Lesbian (note the capitalization), could cause significant social duress. Surely the Greek know their own culture better than they know the gay culture.
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bean: i'm pretty sure there's no "m" in Dinks.
badgirl: seriously? How about this . . . I'll stop calling you an ingnorant, bible thumping, homophobic breeder if you stop calling me queer. (You call us all queers, that includes me)

What's next? the good people of Turkey will get mad at us next Thanksgiving?

Why do we need labels in the first place? sexuality is a spectrum, and none of us are in the same place on that line.

Furthermore, what about the basic human rights of gay people? Shouldn't I have the right to marry if i'm forced to pay the same taxes, to pay for the schools of the children of straight people? If i pay my taxes, do not break laws, and love another person, why should our physical parts have anything to do with anything else? Who, besides my adult, consenting partner and I should have any voice in the decisions of our future? Aren't i guaranteed the persuit of happiness? I have the right to bear arms, but not the right to kiss another girl? I mean . . . come on!

I propose that . . . if gays are continued to be denied the right to marry, straight folks should be limited to one marriage per lifetime. If I can't get married because the bible says so, then others should not be allowed to divorce. No woman should be allowed to cut her hair. And shellfish should be outlawed all together. All in favor? . . . that's what i thought.

All i'm saying is . . . lighten up. There are so many other, more important things in this world that need discussed . . . the terminology used for gay folk seems a little trivial. Just call us all fabulous and be done with it, lol!
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Well "becky" I'm neither ignorant nor a bible-thumper (I actually read mine) nor am I a "breeder" ( wouldn't bring kids into this fucked-up queer world). So go ahead and rant you unrepentant blind little dike you. Hope you enjoy the hell out of this world, but it's not gonna last. ciao baby.
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I wish the islanders good luck with this. Isn't it kind of like suing homosexuals so we can once again use the word "gay" to describe being happy?

And I agree with Ali S. They're missing out on a great marketing opporunity!
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I liked the "cash cow" phrase. It works on so many levels.

What's with the "donnybrook"? Time to get out the bikinis and have us a good old-fashioned jello-wrestling.
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badgirl, if you actually DID read your Bible, you'd be familiar with the concept of "Judge not, lest ye be judged." People like you are the reason Christians have a bad name.
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Leave badgirl alone. She's just too big, fat and ugly to get the girlfriend she really wants with sweet vagina for badgirl's red red lips. Ha ha. Yeah badgirl, I'm a queer ... so save your ugly breath ha ha. There is no heaven ha ha. I'm loopy ...
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