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What is it? Game 60 (Neatorama T-Shirt Prizes!)

This week's collaboration with What is it? Blog brings us this strange apparatus. The first person who guessed what it is for correctly and incorrect but funniest guess will each win a free Neatorama T-shirt (so two winners this week).

Contest rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please. You can submit as many guesses as you'd like. Please don't post any URL (let others play!).

For more clues, check out What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 5/2/08 - the right answer is dental lab gas burner, but no one got it right. So two "funniest caption" winners: congratulations to Mr. Binky ("goldfish themepark") and tigergal39 ("mutant cow milker")!

I believe it is a water cooled distilling unit the glass cooling tube is missing, and the condensate collects in the lipped dish with any overflow going to the bottom dish. Probably for perfumes or aeromatic fluids.
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It's an old birthing stool (without the seat and the other stirrup). The large metal container holds hot water, the small glass container was for cathing the child, and the large container was for catching the afterbirth and placenta.
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It's a goldfish themepark. The arm on the right picks up the fish and puts it in the upper cup. Then the cup pours the fish out back into the main tank. Some times the cup will go into the tower on the left and the fish will get shot out of the tube on the right of the tower, back into the main tank.
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It's a fecal distiller. This was an early Coors invention. "Coors has a longstanding commitment to conservation through recycling and reusing waste materials." It turns fecal waste into good old fashioned alcohol (fecalcohol, otherwise known as Coors).
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It's an apparatus for the treatment of NCBS (Non-compliant Bowel Syndrome). People advanced in age often refuse to use the facilities as a sort of "last stand." This machine is used for juicing prunes as well as rocketing the dried prunes into the offender's mouth (the arm to the right). It was invented by John McCain.
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looks like a perfume maker during the olden days, to extract/distill the sent from roses and any organic fragrance found in flowers.
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A tea brewing machine?

Or perhaps a coffee roaster if there is a crank handle obscured on the opposite side of the machine.

I know... a faulty dehumidifier, as evidenced by the rust.
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I remember my dad used to have one of these out in his workshop.

First fill the metal globe with methylated spirits or alcohol. Then repeatedly press the plunger on the left to build pressure in the globe.

Warm the metal support on the right by holding it between your hands for a few minutes.

Slowly release the round valve on the top and ignite the jet of gas that is released.

Gently rest your penis and scrotum on the genital support ensuring that all clothing is kept well away from the apparatus.

Use the round valve to create short bursts of flame directed towards your genital/pubic area.*

The flames will kill any crabs (pubic lice) and they will fall into the oval trough beneath along with any singed hair.

Any fear induced urination will be collected by the round dish on top.

*It may be prudent to practice your flame bursts before introducing your member to the appliance.
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you stick your penis into the pipe portion and urine pours uselessly into the open cage below, spilling everywhere once the level gets higher than an inch. your butt is leaned over the tilted slide, enabling fecal matter to slide down and hit the edge of the first cup, causing the rest to fall into the second. rinse and repeat.
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Would it be used to get something out of a block of ice? The ice block would be put on the the thing on the top right. Then steam would come from the thing on the left. Any excess water would overflow into the glass tub on the very bottom. The one in the middle would catch whatever it is you are trying to get out of the ice. Maybe?
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An early Victorian herbal air freshener/sinus reliever/tea brewer/poultice maker. As herbs are simmered, the released steam scents the air and creates vapors that clear the sinus cavity. The resulting hot liquid may be taken as tea, or used to soak bandages to be applied as a poultice. Very refreshing, indeed.
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This appears to be a rare, desktop model Appalachian moonshine still, complete with an attachment to add fruit or chocolate flavoring. Very desirable in mountain society circles.
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Actually, I think this could be a fondue pot straight from the middle ages. It holds both chocolate and cheese. Can be used in dip-it-yourself mode, or use the handy dipping arm.
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its clearly a steampunk perpetual motion machine. sometimes known as a spritzjig, it is supposedly the worlds most useless device. pouring boiling weater into the top "kettle" starts off the process. the escaping steam collects on a parabolic mirror(not shown in the picture) and drips through the two beakers into a third(also not shown) which in turn heats water in the kettle. its a pretty clever little machine. except that it doesnt work.
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Hah! You guys are very creative - the right answer is a dental lab gas burner, which no one got right.

So, in the spirit of neatness, I've decided to give the shirts to two people with the funniest captions. Congrats to Mr. Binky ("goldfish themepark") and Tigergal39 ("mutant cow milker").
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We received the shirt the other day, thank you very much! My teeny 9 year old has been wearing the extra-large tee-shirt for "jammers" (pajama's) every night, she is so thrilled to have won. THANKS!!!!!!!!!
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