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D.C. Madam Found Dead: Was it Really Suicide?

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who was convicted of running a high-end prostitution ring in the nation's capital (her nickname is the "D.C. Madam"), was found dead of an apparent suicide today (CNN and ABC News have the story)

Now, just how many of you believe that it was a suicide?

Hmmm... Just like her former employee Brandy Britton met her demise... Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.
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Wow. I'm sure alot of those folks who were caught with their pants down (literally) with their names in the famous black book are cheering right now.
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"She wrote in August 1991 following an attempt to bring her to trial,"If taken into custody, my physical safety and most probably my very life would be jeopardized, rape, beating, maiming, disfigurement and more than likely murder disguised in the form of just another jailhouse accident or suicide would await me," said Palfrey in a handwritten letter to the judge accusing the San Diego police vice squad of having a vendetta against her."

"No I'm not planning to commit suicide," Palfrey told The Alex Jones Show on her last appearance. She also said "that she was at risk of being killed and that authorities would make it look like suicide" and that "if she was found dead it would be murder." "I'm planning on going into court and defending myself vigorously and exposing the government," she said."

"Palfrey's body was found in a small storage shed attached to her mother's mobile home."

All these were from Wikipedia..I doubt anyone thinks it was a suicide.
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I am saddened that someone who brokered pleasure and companionship was persecuted to this extent.

At best, she was given five years in prison for providing a safe environment where women earn and men find comfort. At worst, she was killed to save the reputation of one of those who accepted her services.
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Wouldn't that be the ultimate conspiracy, though? Tell everybody you'd never do it, make people think the government wants to kill you, then do it yourself, anyways.
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I actually do think this is relatively plausible. she didn't want to go back to prison? not the first time I heard that.

of course it could have been something else, too.
but you'd actually have to convince me.
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@ted. True, though that would mean she thought she was more important to the general public than she actually was. Not many people are going to make a big fuss over this. I'm interested in finding out if her records died with her..then I'd be pretty set on thinking she was killed.
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nope, not a suicide

alex king may be a little too tinfoil-hat for some, but he did interview her and you can hear her say 'if i end up a suicide, its not true'. Its at

Conveniently, the Time Magazine rushed out a story today stating that, contrary to published quotes, she had told some author that she contacted about her book that she'd rather die than go back to prison. huh
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If she had blackmail material, the time to use it would be to prevent her conviction, not after it. She couldn't even write a book after conviction, since the profits (from a crime) would be seized.

Plus, she was looking at 50 years in prison.

So adjust your tinfoil hat, and wank over her picture again.
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This just sounds way too much like the way the Kremlin handles things in Russia. There's a limit to what people will believe.
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I live in the Washington, DC area too -- and I have no doubt that someone would have her whacked. I bet her lawyer has a copy of her black book, and I hope he/she has it published.
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You guys are watching too much tv. She just got sentenced to 50 years--essentially a life term for her and she couldn't deal with it. She already gave the client phone list to ABC and there was a collective yawn. Going to a prostitute is just not big news these days. Spitzer got fried because he had a lot of enemies and based his political career on being a squeaky clean law enforcement type. Most of the politicians here can't drink without dribbling--let alone plot a murder. The "If I end up a suicide" stuff probably means she was already thinking about killing herself and wanted to look like a big shot instead of a coward.
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I worked with the executive offices of both the Clinton and Bush administrations. And I think I probably know more about what some people in power might do to protect themselves than you do, Barry.
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Nope, not King or Queen of "the internets."

I've just seen and heard of a lot of things done in the name of protecting a person or a political party.

And it's hardly "neato." It's pathetic, sad. and scary.
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For someone who people say was never going to commit suicide, she certainly talked and wrote a lot about suicide!!! Sounds to me from her own words that she was obsessing about suicide.

She detailed every client she had, she had no interesting clients, and she was up for serious hard time for probably the rest of her life.

Anyone's "opinion" or "belief" about whether or not she committed suicide is laughable until we have more facts in the case.

I've lived in DC my whole life and pretty much most of the conspiracy theories you hear about are false (JFK, UFOs) but the ones that are real, you never hear about. Let's say retired members of the military and intel agencies working together to influence foreign governments or elections. Does anyone really think that once-powerful white Rhodesians didn't spend some money to unseat the Zimbabwean government in the recent elections?

The Washingtonienne case happened and the Spitzer case happened with almost zero fallout, what reason can anyone give to make this story, with no major players involved, more special than Spitzer? Occam's Razor.
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Strange that some ppl say "she talked so much about suicide", when she only answered a couple of questions which were directly asked of her.

Of course, very few people are familiar with the facts of the case, rather they have learned all they know from Main Stream News (some of whom used her services!).

There was an excellent interview with her, from a sex worker perspective, at

I absolutely think that she was "suicided". She must have known something important, and after she had been convicted she was more free to talk... after she was sentenced she was probably very free to talk. One of the things I've heard over and over from the non-msm news is her wondering why they came after her... on the face of it she was not selling prostitution services- indeed all her girls signed contracts agreeing not to break the law on their sessions. I wonder if this relates to the former escort of hers who committed "suicide"?
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The broad was iced, that was clear as a full moon over an Apache campfire. What would i do about it? I decided that i needed some advice from my good pal Daniels. First name Jack.
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15,000 americans kill themselves each year, and sometimes they are (in)famous.
Not every celebrity is victim of a plot to protect the top notch!
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if you're a dumb American (typical majority) who thinks parroting your views is freedom, while you pay taxes which fund the war and other things you may disagree with like the immoral war on drugs, you are milked for your taxes while you continue to fund big oil, and you are overlooked.

Those who have (A) real information, or (B) a voice to be heard by the people and for the people, are quickly swept away

The days of the "lone gunman" tactic are fading, it's too easy for conspiracy theorists (logical intellectuals vs. coincidence theorists) to tie up loose ends.

Most popular today is:

1. Suicide (forced or the result of psyop attacks)
2. Overdose of medication/recreational drugs
3. Heart attacks (induced by chemical(s) commonly used by black ops)
4. Vanishing (where did they go? Maybe Hoffa knows?)

and so on

Your country is tightly controlled and your freedom lost long ago. All that remains is the illusion of freedom. Be sure to google about the guy who will likely soon be extridited from Canada to the U.S. and serve 10 years to life for selling SEEDS! When nature is illegal, you're the blue dress.
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I have a feeling that there is an "assured mutual destruction" disc that was given to a 3rd party in case of "suicide". It is only a matter of time before the major news outlets receive a disc, simultaneously, and lets hope the owners of the media dont crush the story. Not sure if tis video, audio, or a paper trail of money, but this lady seems too smart to NOT go out swinging. (pardon the pun)
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It's impossible to know for sure, and there are good arguments for an against idea that this was not what it appears. I can only say that I would not be at all surprised is this was really not a suicide. I wouldn't be surprised if we never got a straight answer either.
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You people are unfamiliar with the case. She already outed her important clients and had nothing more to say. The case, from a journalistic angle, was a disappointment.

Spore, I don't even know how to comment on your nationalistic and semi-racist rant other than to say I am outraged and repudiate your ugly comments.
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If anyone has any doubt as to what our government and people in power are capable of then you need to watch "Zeitgeist The Movie". Just Google it and you will be able to watch it free online. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe fervently in the concept of a quote from the movie: "They must find it difficult those who take authority as the truth instead of truth as the authority".

That being said, open your eyes everyone! The truth is seemingly staring us all in the face. If I had to make a wager, I would put my money on the table to say that she was taken out by someone with a lot of power and influence. Her suicide note might of read, "I have to leave this world now so I have decided to kill my self and hang my dead body from a rope in my mother's shed behind her trailer home". Kind of like shooting yourself in the head, twice, wouldn't you say?
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Sure, it was a Washington suicide, she stabbed herself 37 times and then shot herself in the head 21 times. happens aaaalllll the time.

She was wacked -- am I still allowed to say wacked?
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Well, all I can say is that the people who "clean up" after politically important people are set for life.

I used to work with a woman who owed her very senior career to the fact that she was the one who helped clean up after a high-ranking Republican died in bed with his mistress.
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@Queen Leah--

Please. You sound like every other self-important pompous ass two-bit aide around here. Now back to the LNS forum with you so you don't miss out on tonight's drunken skankfest.
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Not sure what LNS means. Based on your rather strange and angry posts, I think that you may have some real challenges with your mental health. I hope that you see someone who can help you with that soon.
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LNS generally refers to "Late Night Shots" a group of ultra-conservative white Washington, DC interns who go out drinking. Only an idiot would think that anyone outside DC knows what it means and I apologize for someone local being so rude.
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Thanks for the explanation DCer. I didn't know about this group -- they aren't my gender, generation, or my wing of the party.

My NoVA/DC/MD "gang" is more likely to hang out at fundraising suppers, football games, science fairs, or the PTA.
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