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Rally Trouble - Ayayay!

This particular spot seems to be really great for the spectators and really bad for the rally car drivers! After watching this, I just had to say "ayayay" at everything that went wrong today!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Christophe!

@ Allister

That was what I was wondering. Either that or the folks who set up the race and the tracks are criminally inept.

And...yes...that fella doing the Aiaiaiaiai made me want to be there just to roll a newspaper and smack him across the back of the head.
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At least the spectators are smart enough to be on the inside of the corner. I've been to many racesw where people are on the outside of the corner and wonder why they end up getting hurt by debris.
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Oh and to those of you that are wondering why the race officials didn't stop the race. In a road rally race the drivers are expected to be able to handle just about anything. This curve really doesn't look that bad but without seeing what is right before they come on camera its hard to say whats causing the problem. But chances are these are just the drivers who think they can go balls to the wall at all times. So this corner is just thinning out the idiot want to b's from the real drivers.
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"So this corner is just thinning out the idiot want to b’s from the real drivers."

Quite successfully...

Next shot... a Yugo peddled over the finish line.
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I guess the drivers just don't understand what "four tightens two" means...

Seriously though, this doesn't look like the WRC, so it's probably some kind of amateur rally where the drivers simply aren't that good.
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I saw that guy. I figured he was doing a crossword. Made me wonder if they were conducting a study of that particular spot.
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Obvious amateurs. Almost all of them were breaking when they went off road. Any rally pro I have seen would be HARD on the gas trying to suck around the corner.
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