Caminito del Rey

This limestone gorge in the south of Spain, through which passes the Guadalhorce river, sits the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes pass that is 700m (2296 feet) high. Famous its very dangerous path, the Caminito del Rey is not what I would call a tourrist attraction. In 2000, the paths was remove because a tourrist died trying to cross it. Just watching that video gave me vertigo. You wouldn't catch me going there...ever! Some people are fearless such as this camera man.

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Argh... just watching this video is triggering my fear of falling (which also involves things like perfectly good bridges, walkways, storm drains, etc. crumbling away beneath me).
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how in the heck did they get the materials to build that up there? not to mention how they used those materials to construct the paths. amazing.

also, the cameraman's shadow looks like it's floating. although i doubt that he really is.
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pretty sure the video is sped up. also there are safety ropes available, (one hiker had a harness) but the camera man definitely did not use them.
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We are planning a trip there next year - we will definitely visit the area and navigate the paths

the serene beauty is so majestic - it just has to be experienced by those healthy and athletic enough to do so
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I love how he's passing other hikers on this crumbling century old ledge and they're greeting each other as casually as if they were on a sidewalk in the suburbs.
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I live in Benalmadena, Malaga, In the same province where this video was taken. I have been there a couple of times and have walked some of it, but never went all the way... is just too frightening. Great video! And all of you that are interested in coming... do it! you will have the time of your life here in Spain!!! You will find adventure, nature, beaches, good weather, good food, party, beautiful women, and much more!
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Try walking the Kalalau trail on Kauai's Na Pali Coast. In the rain. With a 60 lb pack.
No cable to hold onto. No concrete to walk on.

I keed.
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Demonio, you forgot to mention that pretty much all of Costa del Sol has been touristized to hell. If you want to experience Spain that's really not the place to go, although further inland in the same province, like where this gorge is, is another question.

I vacationed in Benalmadena a few years back, you seriously could not pay me to come back.
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Are the holes in the concrete the result of falling rocks or corrosion? I'm betting on the latter, but it definitely wouldn't comfort me to look up the face of the gorge and fantasize about rockslides.

I wonder if the local government is following up on its plan to renovate the path; it'd be interesting to see a video of their progress...
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Nice railings.
Dude should have stopped more to look around. The best parts were when he was looking down at his feet to cross those narrow bits.

He definitely only used the cables intermittently.
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Walking I could do, if I didn't have my wife or grandkids with me.

But what amazes me is thinking about those who built it.

The question is - should they maintain the trail? Obviously it is used.
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Does the guy with the safety harness (wimp) really think those safety lines are better kept than the path? Which has holes in it?!

I almost wet myself right at the end when he jumps down off the little wall that is overlooking a zillion foot drop.

No way. Ever. Even for money.
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The cameraman took 6 min 26 secs to walk this section. Impressive, but in the interest of promoting insane extreme sports, let's up the ante...can someone do the same route in under 6 mins?

(I'd volunteer, but, ahem, I am in Australia)
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Looking to the movement of head shadow (as jodie noticed - it is like flowing), I suppose the clip was filmed by compact head-camera used also by climbers. The tiny camera (like webcam) attached next to ear follows the head direction and has no zoom option. Separate unit for recording is attached to the belt. See example at

Guy has not camera but a stick in its left hand (it could be seen at '1:20).
But anyway, it's amazing!
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Having watched the videos and seen the pictures of this place i felt i had to visit just to get the real atmosphere... We walked down the river to the top end of the path where the dam is. The sheer scale of the place is breathtaking. Im not very good with heights and it was a real rush just to stand over the waterfall looking up to the path. We stayed with friends near Malaga and hope to return later this year to visit the El Chorro side of the Gorge too. Everybody should go and see this place, it truly is awe inspiring. I just wish i was good with heights.
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