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Porky Pooper and Friends.

To a kid, this candy dispenser must be either utterly disgusting, or the coolest thing ever. As one of Porky's distributors describes him:

These cute little pigs dispense dainty candy doo doo for the munching pleasure of friends and loved ones. Just pop off the head to fill the body with jelly beans and let the silly giggles begin. Each 4-inch plastic pig poops jelly bean droppings when you push down on its behind.

Mmmm ... who can resist shelling out up to $5.90 for a 1 oz portion of candy doo doo? Or over $20 for their Pooping Herd of Reindeer? Are Pez dispensers just not cool enough nowadays? via Wacky Archives

Where was the internet when I was given a bag of chocolate candies called "butt nuggets"?

(I wish I was making that up... the packaging was more graphic than this one)
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Must be from Asia. They seem to have a bit of an obsession with bodily waste. Why would anyone other than a kid think that food shaped like poop is a good idea?
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They are huge here in Australia at Christmas time. Last year I got my friend a penguin and a polar bear. I have a cow, a cat and a pig. You can also get the reindeer and Santa. Poop galore!
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I always thought of Pez candies as the vertebrae of whatever dispenser I had. So not only was I severing the necks of my favorite cartoon characters, but slowly eating away their spine!

It doesn't come in a cool dispenser, but a friend bought me Cat Butt Gum. The package is too funny for me to ruin it to try out the gum. Or at least that is what I am telling myself.
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The association of poo and candy go back years... the strange German Marzipan "Moneymaker" candy comes to mind - its some marzipan shaped like a little guy with his pants down and he has a gold coin coming out of his butt. "May you poo gold" his is unstated motto.

The holiday season isn't the same unless I see one of those guys around the house.
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I bought one of these about 5 years ago in a dollar store in Kansas City, with plans of transforming it into a pooping pug. The jellybeans are root beer flavored!
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My (male) cousins got the reindeer for Christmas years ago. They had more fun making the reindeer poop and then stuffing the candy back up the reindeer's ass than actually eating it!
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They've had it over here for ages. Trust the English to have silly poop toys.
It doesn't cost that much here, only about £2 ($4) from Hawkin's Bazaar at Christmas (at least the miniature one). I think it's pretty harmless as gifts go.
I have a sheep that baa's when you press it and a Santa as well. The Santa is a bit weird, I'll grant you that. Also the jelly beans don't taste all that great (perhaps I shouldn't have expected them to...)
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I like the slogan "the super pocket pooper". Like all the other pocket poopers you ever owned were only mediocre.

You should have to lift the tail to start the hours of pooping action - more realistic.
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My sister and I have a running competition with these; every Xmas we try to top the other in terms of pooping animal/jelly bean grossness. I think I'm in the lead after this past year's Polar bear gift to my sis. I do cherish my piggy and cow though.
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I used to work in a friend's candy store and we sold these (along with pooping cows and reindeer). We had one on the counter so people could see how they worked. Most grown-ups would remark on how disgusting it was just before tossing one of the jelly bean poops into their mouth. This usually happened before we could warn them of how many people had handled the poop. We would just keep putting them back in until someone decided to eat them. I figure if they don't have the manners to ask then it serves them right.
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