News Bloopers

Funny Accidents with Commentators - video powered by Metacafe

Here are is a compilation of some really funny newscaster and weatherman bloopers. Wait until the end, you'll love that one...I know I did.

Link: Metacafe

those are awesome. i love stuff like this (although it could do without the laugh track).

An added bonus - when the video ends, theres a handful of video links to porn! (tasteful porn at that!)
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I think it was a british special...for some reason I've found a lot more british stuff with laugh tracks. Not sure if they really have a lot more of a laugh-track love or if I'm just looking at the wrong things...

Regarding the video, I loved how the St. Paul weather forecaster just picked up and went with it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done that!
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I'm pretty sure the one in the middle with the guy shouting to do with anti-war protesting isn't actually a news blooper. The 'news reporter' is a UK comedian, not that I remember his name at the moment..
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It's not Marcus Brigstocke. I can't correct you on his real name though as I can't remember it. I know it's not Brigstocke though. You are absolutely right though, that isn't from BBC News at all. In fact pretty much all the British stuff is either wrongly attributed (the clip with the massive bird is credited to Look West, but there's no such thing. It was on Look East) or didn't go out live on air.
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