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Cigarettea: Tea Bags Shaped Like Cigarettes

Don't smoke your cigarettes ... drink 'em! Here's an idea so crazy it's brilliant: Cigarettea by Schnaider.

Cigarettea are tea bags that look like cigarettes. All you have to do is dip one in a cup of hot water and let it steep (the "filter" will act as a fluotation device). Instead of tobacco, the cigarettes have tea leaves! - via GearFuse

Hmm ... I love me some wacky novelty products, but somehow this one just isn't blowing my wig off ... it's not goofy enough to be "fun" in the same way that - say - bacon band-aids are ... and even if you were just going for a gross-out factor it doesn't seem quite enough to register more than a mild "ew" from most folks (let's be honest, I'd imagine most of us could come up with far more foul things to packag tea in, it this weren't a family blog) ... much as I delight in weird internet merchandise, even I would feel like rather a schmoe to be standing around steeping a cigarette ...
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I just hope someone invents teabag shaped cigarettes. Lighting up a teabag to have with your cigarette tea would make you look really cool.
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Just some tea leaves shaped like cigarate, it's a creative idea acturally.I think I must surprise someting when I dip this thing into my cup. By the way, I got this site for those who like cool kitchen gadgets.
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interesting. how cool would it be if they sold some packs with sugar cubes packed up into the filter so while it steeps, the sugar dissolves and makes it sweet too! or honey.. i'm a big advocate of honey.. support the bees! but yea, i'm sure the novelty of having a wet cigarette in your cup would wear off.
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This "idea" has been popping up allover the internet for months. I would have thought that a website such as Neatorama would at least inform the gullible that this "product" is just a photoshop fantasy.
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Cheer up you lot! These are quite funny, I think. I'd laugh if I found a cigarette butt in my tea! Then I'd probably puke, but I'd have laughed none the less!
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Seriously, these things have hilarity written all over them -- especially for those of us who smoke. The contrast itself is wonderful. I'd definitely purchase those.
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i can already say this product will encourage smoking for young teens. not only will it be easier for teens to get "cigarettes" in one form or another.
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