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Food that Takes the Shape of Its Container

"Food?" is a Flickr photoset by Zach Kowalczyk where he takes photos of food that has taken the shape of its container!

This one to the left is cranberry sauce, which comes in a can (I think this is obvious to US readers, but I'm not sure if people outside the US actually eat cranberry sauce from a can)

Link - via Core 77

We kind of DO eat cranberry sauce from a can, but it doesn't look like that!
The cranberry sauce I have in my fridge is in a jar like jam, and causes great confusion when I actually think it IS jam (jelly to you Americans). Also what's with the jelly (Jell-o... ack this is confusing)? Doesn't it come in cubes and you add hot water to it?
If not then there is something WRONG with the universe. That's the whole point of having jelly!
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I love cranberry sauce from a can too! I even buy it when its not Thanksgiving. The can shape makes it easy to slice, but ever since Oceanspray changed the can, removing the cranberry can shape is not as satisfying. You use to be able to open both ends of the can and push from one side - gave a very satisfying pop/squish sound. Now the bottom of the can is rounded and can only be opened from the top. Still tasty!
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Most of the pics were frozen food, and really not that *shocking*.

Jello is supposed to take the shape of what you put it in. It doesn't come in squares that you add hot water to. It's crystals that you add hot, then cold water to, then throw it in the fridge to gel.
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I *LOVE* cranberry sauce--but mine never takes the shape of its container...since I make it from scratch. I'll eat canned stuff too, but nothing beats homemade!

Rosi:Here in America, our Jello / jelly comes in a fine powder that you dissolve in hot water, then add cold water to and refrigerate. Sometimes you can find the cubed stuff in those kind of stores that specialize in international cuisine, but usually it's unflavored.

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I love the whole berry cranberry sauce in the can. I can eat it by itself. Every one of those things in the picture is regularly eaten in my house!
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I like to make my own cranberry sauce (it's very, very easy. Just get one bag of cranberries, on cup of sugar and boil them together. It's done with the sugar is melter and all the cranberries have 'popped'. It's very good warm with toast.
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