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Activate is a new drink that stores vitamins and herbs as powder in a chamber inside the cap. When you twist the cap clockwise, a small plastic blade cuts the seal in the chamber allowing the ingredients to drop into the water below. Just shake and drink.

Link: YouTube

This is a great idea, because nothing enhances the health effects of herbs like dehydrating them and rehydrating them for no reason at all.

May gimmicks never cease.
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How about eating a balanced diet that contains all your needed vitamins and limits additives and preservatives... extra vitamins get washed out of the body anyways. But as gimmicks go at least it isn't small tapioca balls in my drink for me to choke on. Yum.
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why does everyone need energy and vitamins and herbs from special drinks anyway?

eat a few servings of vegetables of assorted colors, and some whole grain products daily. vitamins taken care of.

drink water. hydration taken care of.

if you're feeling tired, take a tea or coffee break. energy taken care of.
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I don't know, it just doesn't seem cool to add a small razor to food products. Isn't it possible that the razor would get dislodged from it's mount after opening and fall into the water with the powder? I bet someone spent a long time thinking of ways to get out of carrying that tiny packet of flavor crystals that he adds to his drinking water.
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does any one else see this as a portable science experiment? I haven't researched everything that's in that little cap, but there's got to be some ingredients in there that can so a mentos/diet coke thing or SOMETHING along those lines.

Oh, and Claire, I grew up in Japan and I admit, I love the tapioca ballz.
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