Stainless Steel Chaise Lounge

That's a stainless steel chaise lounge created by P. Cazzaniga for MDF Italia - sure it looks sleek and futuristic, but do you think it's comfortable to lie down on one?

Link | Original  Website (in Italian, click on "prodotti" then "divani e poltrone") - Thanks John!

Thinking of how hot slides get in the summer, I'm not really sure I'd want to lie down on this sucker so much as use it to fry up some nice eggs ... As a piece of art it's pretty cool, but the fact that they actually seem to be trying to -sell- them as furniture is a wee bit disturbing!
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It depends on what it's made out of, Stacyj. Some kinds of metal do get really hot, like slides. Some metal will stay cool, though, and not burn your backside. Metals are conductors of heat, so usually if it's hot outside, it will feel hotter than it actually is. But if its kept indoors, where it's cool, then it will be cooler than the room temperature. If it's comfy enough, I would get one.
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Ah, the pronunciation of chaise longue?
I was always told it was like "long cue", with a hard g instead of c. Don't know if that's right, because I've heard it "long", too.

This one? Yeah, dumb idea. Good for keeping off squirrels. Maybe it's another squirrel catapult in the making.
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I would be forced to oil that sucker down and leave it in the yard for the kids that broke my hammock playing on it last year. Try playing on this, suckers!
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