8 (Pointless) Laws All Comic Book Movies Follow

If you watch many of the big-budget superhero movies, you’ll begin to notice how many stylistic and plot devices they have in common, especially when there are sequels and more sequels. With millions of dollars on the line, Hollywood isn’t about to take any chances! If you haven't seen that many of the movies, Cracked has a guide to the eight rules comic book movie series must follow. Link -via Digg

best line in the whole article:

"Michael Keaton's Batman fought the Joker first, then found himself simultaneously taking on the combination of the Penguin and Christopher Walken."

i love that the villain himself is just Christopher Walken. hilarious.
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I didn't really like this review. For the most part I find movie critics to be pompous pricks who hate every movie that doesn't fall into their narrowly specific idea of acceptable format.

In fact the only other way they enjoy a movie is if they just happen to be in a good mood, which doesn't happen often because they spend most of their day finding problems with anything and everything.

I really tire of these opinionated windbags that feel the need to poo-poo stuff in almost any field. (movies, books, video games, etc...)
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MoonCake, I totally agree. I loved this article. It's so weird how true it all is. And Justin, it's their job. And yes, for some reason all of these movies are similar and follow these unknown rules.
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Justin, that's quite a scathing review of movie critics.

I wasn't a big fan of the article either, but I've also only seen a couple of the mentioned movies.
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I loved this article, spot on to all those cliches! I've also noted a few more 'comic book movie' cliches that a few movies seem to share:

1. The main protagonist will battle it out mano y mano with the final bad ass villain, equal in size or much larger.

2. Said battle will occur in a major metropolitan city, so there can be amazing scenes of cars being upturned and tossed like toys, chunks of building being torn off, and panicked citizens running and screaming from the melee. Thank goodness for annoying computer graphics!

3. The U.S. military will ALWAYS figure into a comic book movie, complete with scenes of jets firing rockets, tanks firing shells, and crazy generals wanting their piece of the action.
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