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Brazilian priest takes to the air attached to helium party balloon, disappears

Brazilian priest Rev. Adelir Antonio de Carli embarked Sunday on a 465 mile journey across Brazil using thousands of helium party balloons to lift and transport him. Unfortunately, he was blown off course and his ground crew has lost track of him, not knowing whether he has landed safely somewhere or unsafely or if his journey through the sky continues. The video above from Brazil's Globo TV G1 television station shows the priest preparing for his flight, taking off and disappearing into an overcast sky. There are more videos (all in Portuguese) about the flight - and the subsequent search & rescue operation that is taking place now.

Update: Basically the same video [YouTube], but from the Associated Press with a voiceover in English.

Actually he made contact with his satellite cell phone and in his last call, with the rescue teams, they actually heard him hit the ocean. The weather was bad, with up to 65km/h winds. That was more than 24h ago.

Too bad for him. It seems he didn't know how to use his GPS (so he couldn't give precise readings to the rescue teams).

The moment he realized he was going to the ocean he should have blown off his balloons to hit the ground, but he initially assumed he would be able to fly above the rain clouds, as he told when he left ground (it was already raining), but alas, he didn't.

He must have hit the sea in very bad weather and quite a distance from the shore.
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Uhm, yeah. It sucks that he is probably injured or dead, but seriously, you have to be a special kind of stupid to do something like this at all.
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Why have a gps if you don't know how to use it? This could have probably been successful if they had thought it out a little more and planned it during better weather.
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Wow. I wonder what his last thought was. Probably something along the lines of "Oh, yeah, I was asking for this."
Anyone else have any ideas of what his last thought was?
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Joseph Montgolfier's link mention the A-team's best episode in my eyes:
"I want some trash bags! I want some trash bags!"

I guess the reverent plan did not come together,
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RE: Darwin Award

You forget this man is a priest, therefore he will not be passing on his genes anyway. I guess all priests are instant winners!
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People, people! Nobody ever said that the Rapture was going to be quick!

They are taking them one at a time on balloon chairs. This is just the beginning. When the Rapture gets fired up, the sun will be blotted out by balloon chairs!
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You can reallyyyyy see what this world is made of on these lovely words typed wight next to my own ,in the end of the day for all you haters this father tried to do something for a good cause ,why so much hate guys ,honest ?do you feel GREAT and think you done something for humanity for spreading your stupid animal hate?? Anyway God save him !!

PS Instead of bad mouthing him why dont you lot tried to do something good ??Instead of being the hater couch potatoes that you all are
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