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I Love the World

(YouTube link)
This promo song from The Discovery Channel is perfect for Earth Day (which is Tuesday). From ad agency 72andSunny. -via Viral Video Chart

This commercial makes me so deliriously happy =) The world IS awesome, by god! I also love that someone over at metafilter took the time to transcribe the lyrics so we can all go around singing the whole thing to brighten the day of friends and strangers alike ... boom-de-yadda!
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Nothing says, "Love" than a grenade launcher decimating a replica of a poor, middle-eastern family's home (at 38 secs). Once again Madison Ave, you top yourself. Hats off!
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I JUST saw this commercial on TV not 20 minutes ago while watching Mythbusters. Though I have the boom de yadda boom de yadda part stuck in my head now.
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So he blew up a building. Some people don't love spiders, and some don't love Egyptian mummies, but you don't hear them whining or pontificating about it.
Just enjoy the song.
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Yes, you're right, billions of dollars are spent every year so people can blow empty buildings far away from anyone.

THE WORLD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have been thinking about the rocket launcher in the video that blows up the house for the better part of the day.

You know tornados also kill people. And the scientist in the song says he loves them. And I wouldn't fault him for that.

Lots of people love cars, and you're so much more likely to be killed by a car than a tornado.

Sure, war isn't a message of love, but that doesn't make weapons a message of hate. If you truly love the whole world then you need to accept death as part of life, and that there is ugliness, but choose to love anyway. The ugliness isn't going away, and to discard all weapons immediately on the grounds that they are made only to wage war would be foolish.

And hating the wagers of war just adds more hate to the world, where there could be love.

Honestly, it wasn't an easy decision, but I'm ok with this video, exactly how it is now.

I don't think I've been loving the whole world very much lately, so I thank Discovery and 72andSunny for the optimism.
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People, people! This is a song about the the little joys of the world that make it worth living in. let's not dwell on the one negative aspect of the video, just enjoy the fact that Stephen Hawking was good humored enough to appear in a video saying 'boom de-yadda'. (oh geez, this song is getting to me. I'm becoming an optimist!)
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its pretty fair to hate images of war - its just a weird image in with all the other fairly peace-loving or natural-world kind of imagery. Support wars for good reasons, or not, what ever - its just not really in keeping.
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Weird, but you must remember it's a promo for the Discovery Channel. They are trying to include as many of their shows as possible, and the war training image is most likely from a popular show.
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What Xopl said is right. Its just a cool song, and it should be enjoyed as that, a song. Its a catchy tune that make you enjoy everything. I love the whole earth. Its not a message of peace its not a message of war, its a message of how people feel. I like to go fast thats a message of fun. and i love the oceans is a message of swimming and surfing(again fun). So if youre a nerd and cant enjoy the song stop listening.
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Dude!! I love blowing stuff up! Powerful. Did you notice the roof jump. Cool!
But I also love the whales, the ocean, Egyptian kings, and all the other craziness in the world. Even YOU crazies.
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i hav to NOT agree to those who says...its kinda a nagative thingy when comes to that tornado and grenade launchers...well huahahahaha WHO loves Hot Magma?????
boom de ya daaa.....
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