Golden eagle attacks, kills and consumes mountain goat

For real! This Spanish language video shows a massive golden eagle stalking, killing and eating a mountain goat (or possibly a deer?). Amazing nature clip! YouTube. (Thanks, Sirkowski!)

This is amazing. I thought it was pretty cool that he knew to drag the goat off the cliff to its death, but when that one at the end *carries* it away - oh, man!

I have seen a Golden Eagle in the Pt Reyes seashore area of No. California, and I had to stop the car and do a double take. It appeared to be about the size of a VW bug. It was the biggest bird I have ever seen in person, and I actually felt good that it was from the safety of my car.

On a side note, my 2-1/2 year old loves the red-shouldered hawks nesting in the tree behind our house, and just yesterday got to see him/her grab a squirrel out of a tree. Circle of life, my friend.
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Okay. Why not name the video "helpless goat is whacked into a cliff before falling to its death" ?

Circle of life is a song by Elton John and it sucks.

Should be renamed "Cricle of Strife".

This planet is getting more and more f*cked up everyday.
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boab - You're joking, right? In case you didn't know, some animals have to hunt their food instead of buying it at the market. And I don't think eagles have the option of becoming vegetarians. The state of science education in this world just gets sadder and sadder.

Unlike humans, animals don't just kill one another for food. Their hunting actually weeds out weak, sick, or genetically inferior animals and keeps species lower on the food chain healthy and at proper population levels. It's not always pretty, but no one is forcing you to watch, so just put your ignorant troll stick away.
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I used to think of eagles as beautiful, majestic creatures who embodied freedom. Now I think they are f*cking scary killers the size of fridges. I had no idea. I thought Mothra was a myth.
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WOW! Totally awesome!

I almost threw up when the goat got knocked off the cliff to its death. It was something else when the goats actually drove off the eagle.

Mother nature never ceases to amaze me!
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OMG!!! thanksfully where I live there are no monstrous eagles like that, if there were Id shoot them... Fearing for my life... Hey, I'm a short person k, they'd prolly throw me off a cliff too...
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Fuckin A. That bird Is smart. And those goats really don't like that bird. And I can understand why, even if that bird is really bad-ass.
I reckon those Altai hunters could make better use of *their* eagles, though. If they rigged up a sling and used 3 Eagles, they could totally get around by eagle. A bird that smart should know which day is market day, right? You wouldn't end up in Khazakstan if you just took the eagles to market with you as babies on the same day every week, yeah?
Just make sure you stay in the eagles' good books.
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