The Real Life Garfield

Meet Orazi, the real life Garfield. The portly cat weighs 35 lb. (16 kg) - so heavy that its owner Laura Santarelli of Eupilio, Italy, had trouble picking it up! Link

Previously on Neatorama: Top 15 Amazingly Fat Cats (Orazio is skinny compared to these cats - it would've only come in at #10).

Those cats are miserable. Owners should never feed their cats anything but cat food, and the servings have to be controlled, especiall with indoor cats that do not get as much excercise.
Maine Coon cats are very large normally, but even the ones on this list are overweight.
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Doesn't he look like he's eyeing something tasty over there? Or maybe like his eyes are going to pop out of his skull any second?!!....
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There is no excuse for that. That is out and out animal abuse. That cat is going to die well before its time. Why do people insist on glorifying the "fat cat"? It's disgusting and cruel.
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That is abuse! There's absolutely no way she could justify that! I don't care how cute he is or how much he "begs" or anything! I feel sorry for the poor kitty. His life span is shortened by years and what is left is almost guaranteed to be lived in discomfort or worse, terrible illness. That cat is one kitty-treat from diabetes, hip problems, and so much more! I hope someone sees this and helps this cat before it is too late.
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My cat is so fat that her belly drags the floor. There is no putting her on a diet. When her food bowl is empty she simply heads upstairs and intimidates the dogs out of their food. I must admit, that is something appealing about a fat cat. Mine is also old, so she doesn't move much. She's more of a furry, purring affectionate throw pillow.
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I read about one really fat cat that wouldn't put up with being on a diet. If there wasn't a large bowl of food when he wanted it, the cat would begin explosively crapping on everything in protest.
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I have a 30 pound cat that i do NOT overfeed. I got him from the pound 9 years ago, as a baby, and it turns out he's a norwegian forest cat~ and only slightly overweight for his age. and he's lazy, so that doesn't help. My point is, not all fat cats get fat as a result of an owner pouring food down it's throat. Weight gain can also be caused by irregular hormone levels, or other medical issues. cut this lady a break, unless we get more details. : )
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This cat is simply adorable, in fact, I have hopes that one day my very own cat can reach the weight this cat presently is. There is a difference between a 7 pound house cat and a cat that is known to get larger. I know cats that have been on diet food for more than five years and didn't drop a pound, this isn't animal abuse if it was it wouldnt be able to be posted all over the internet without getting noticed. Instead of jumping to negative conclusions we should be asking for tips, after all, my cat is only 22 pounds and gets plenty of exercise.
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Totally agree...
it's animal abuse..
how could she smile in this picture
it's so sad to see the cat in that condition
It looks like it's gonna explode and die =(
I wishI could save it
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O.k so what if the cat is a little fat...o'k alot fat...who r u to decide weather or not the cat is happy? i mean just b/c the cat is overweight dont mean he's not oldest cat weighs that much and i took him to a vet and they even told me that he's perfectily back off the cat...leaave him alone...and who ever called him fat ass must be one to...some people can be jerks sometimes...the cat looks happy and healthy...
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I have 3 cats, one is fat (9 kg), but I try to reduce the food, do not make them bigger than now. But this lady is egoistic, I think. Poor cat, may be in another life will be swiched as human,and this lady as cat :)))
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I have a cat that looks just like this one. We rescued him from a house where people just moved and left him. He was big from the start and is still big. We feed him two very small servings of dry cat food a day. He lives outdoors and gets a lot of exercise. He can run and climb very well, he just looks awkward when he does. He's very gentle, especially with my grandchildren. He's a happy cat. So those of you attacking this woman, lay off her, it may not be her fault. The cat looks happy to me.
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esta muy lindo pero me parece que no es gato, es gata, no le veo sus cositas, garfield i love you me alegro de solo pensar que existe un gato muy parecido al holgazán de garfield, todos tenemos un niño dentro
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