The Day of the Donut

(image credit: Kevin Collins)

The Flickr group We Demand Donuts was the recipient of 10 dozen donuts at a donut shop in San Francisco today, courtesy of Flickr employee Matthew Rothenberg. The event began as a way of making light of a Flickr protest against the new feature that allows pro users to upload video to Flickr.
We Demand Donuts sprang up long before the video feature was added, but the group never had much of a following until last week, according to Jake Rome, who started the group in 2007. Shortly after the option to include video was added and several groups protesting the new feature emerged, the We Demand Donuts movement gathered steam.

We Demand Donuts had events in other places, but Flickr only organized and bought donuts for the San Francisco “protest”. to story.
to Flickr group.

As a small aside, the box of donuts is a very weird idea.

It exists only in North America as far as I've seen.

From the very far north of Scotland through all of Scandinavia,all of mainland Europe, over to Australia and NZ, if you want a donut or a patisserie or a sticky bun, you go and buy one.


How on earth did the idea of buying a BOX of donuts become normalised in your country?

It is like gluttony at it's absolute zenith.
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I don't get it either. How does demanding donuts (or doughnuts) protest a new feature? Were they protesting that video din't belong on Flickr? Or protesting that only Pro users got it?
I Demand An Explanation.
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Boxes of doughnuts or donuts exist in Japan too, but the maximum you can order is 12, i.e. 12 in a box. The box pictured looks like it could fit 30. They even have curry donuts in Japan too. Yes, you heard me right, curry donuts.
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@Miss Cellania : you, madam, win absolutely. :D

That's probably the best possible way to explain this issue..and..well...just about anything. Getting what you want depends on what you ask for. ;)
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