Illustrations of CNN's bad headlines

Pictured: "Baby with two faces worshipped as goddess." Kelly Chambers' CNN is like the worst ever is pure genius and a nice companion site to WTFCNN?. Via Gawker.

I'm going to go ahead and pile on with everyone else. The headline in question accurately summarized what was happening, and wasn't even written by CNN. The illustration, however, made no sense. What's that thing holding the baby? A giant tapeworm?
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The intent of the website is not to show CNN's "bad" headlines. The website shows drawings that are inspired by the stories CNN selects. CNN has unquestionably become a tabloid "news" source, a diversion from news at best. By rendering cartoons of superfluous stories that now pass for journalism, this website is simply a playful criticism.
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CNN has become television's version of the National Enquirer... I've seen so many examples of mis-translations in interviews, mis-representation, blatant bias and complete distortion of fact that I can't really trust anything they say anymore. WTFCNN shows the direction they are heading, and I guess it won't be long before Larry King starts specializing in interviewing UFO abductees!
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The topics are sort of funny, more snort worthy than actual laughter, but the art work is like a talented five year old.
She needs to keep her day job.
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Thank you! Finally, my suitemates and I aren't the only ones who think CNN is coming up with ridiculous headlines, making other countries look as archaic and illiterate as possible. I love the part in the video when they talk about how this part of India has no access to technology (actually not knowing what certain medical equipments are), and at the same time showing an Indian man taking a picture of the baby with his cell phone. To Dcer: better headlines? These are biased headlines that show what they want to think rather than report news. To Miss Cellania: Ever heard of something called the CNN Effect?

Worshiping my butt. Just because in some parts of the world they consider it more of a blessing than a freak occurrence does not mean they're worshiping this baby thinking that she's a goddess.

CNN might be better than Fox, but not by much.
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