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Baaaaad Dog!

Bad idea: dog in your car
Really bad idea: leaving dog alone in your car
Neatorama-worthy: leaving dog with gastrointestinal problem alone in your car

See what this cutey-pie did to this guy's Infiniti G35 sportscar that required 8 hours of cleaning.

Link [warning: grossness is off the chart on this one. You've been warned] - Thanks rizwan!

I've seen MUCH worse just from my cat who only weights 20 lbs. I had to make a quick stop on the way back from the vet office and apparently my cat Ching wasn't to happy with me for leaving him at the vet over night. He barfed & littered both types all over the back seat of my car. He must have been holding it all in all night while at the vet.
We pet lovers will put up with a lot from our pets won't we?
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Wow, that is unfortunate!

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they can't get the smell out of the car. I have this mental picture of this guy trading in his car and some unfortunate person buying it only to get a nasty surprise after parking in the sun.
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This is why I don't own a dog. You can leave a cat at home when your own vacation - just get the neighbor or someone in the family to stop in once a day to feed/empty box. You have to take a dog with you when you go places. It is worse than a kid!
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you don't need to take your dog with you on vacation, just get the neighbor or someone in the family to stop in twice a day to feed it and take it for a walk.
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Awww, gross as that is, that's still an awfully cute dog =) And while I was about to make the obligatory "What on earth is he doing leaving his dog in his car - in FLORIDA, no less?" comment, but I see he's already answered that at the end of the post itself, -maybe- it wasn't -quite- as bad as it seemed at first glance ... so instead I'll comment on my very favorite line from (near the end of) the post: "Then I took her to the beach Sunday for some fun. I love my dog..."

Perhaps that's a good guy, after all =)
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Obviously he's never raised a human baby to maturity. While I certainly wouldn't want a dog shitting in my car like that, I've seen far worse associated with childrens' diapers - and lack of diapers.
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Sorry, but I had a worse experience with one of my sons when he was a toddler...sitting in large section of a half-full grocery cart. He gave no advanced notice. And then suddenly, it was a poop-plosion to end all poop-plosions. And I still had to buy the groceries!
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Bizarrely my first thought was actually what an ugly interior that car has... anyway, at least he didn't totally go off on the dog over it, it's hardly her fault.
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Evilbeagle : beat me to it ;)

Remind me of the Mythbuster's episode when they put a dead pig in a Corvette, the car in a container, and the container in the CA sun for a month or so...
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Not as gross as you would have thought. I just wonder why he took pictures. It's like the people who think every little thing their cat or child does is fascinating.

A dog pooped in a car - astounding!
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and on the i-pod too! gross.. poor pup. but i have a better story, only, this situation involved human feces as means of vandalism. it was easter sunday last year when my friend was going to visit the solid rock church (he's an athiest religion major) and see what kind of sermon they had to offer (btw- that's the church with "touchdown jesus" in front of it. some of you may better know it as "big butter jesus"). so you can only imagine his surprise when he opened his car door that lovely sunday morning... there was apparently a string of car vandalism down the street where about 6-7 cars were left with piles of human feces all over the seats. he said it looked like someone had been holding it in for a while and literally entered the back of the car shitting, managed to crawl around the seats enough to get it up and around the head-rests, up to the front seat where they left a modest pile, and continued shitting on the way out. he said it was the worst thing he had ever seen and smelled. needless to say, he did not make it church that day. now whenever my friends and i are having a bad day, all we have to say is "at least someone didn't shit in your car." that usually brightens us up for the moment we remember what happened to my friend marc. have a good day everyone!
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Reminds me of an urban legend from the early eighties. Pimp with a Caddilac convertible guarded by a doberman keeps parking in a neighborhood. People in neighborhood get the pimp to leave by sneaking the dog a whole bar of chocolate X-Lax....
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At least you can clean that up, my black Lab chewed up the leather interior in my car, the gear cover, the center console, door handles, head rests, practically everything, all that in one hour...
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My dogs are perfect little flowers *coughsputter&trytokeepastraightface*, but I have a friend whose Great Dane chewed up a couch. All that was left was a lot of stuffing and a frame. It took about an hour for him too.
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He said that he couldn't get it out of the holes in the leather, and then he listed off a whole list of stuff he used... how about a shopvac dummy. Seriously, he used a toothbrush.
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