Skating Cowboys

This one's for all you female Neatorama readers. Guys (straight ones, I mean): don't Hit Play or Go to Link [YouTube] - via Miss Cellania

Excuse me while I go wash my eyes. With bleach. :)

That's an interesting thought process.

"Gah! That is absolutely horrific. I wish I could unsee it. I think I'll go inflict it on as many people as possible."
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I just watched Blades of Glory this weekend... This would fit seamlessly into that movie.

(By the way, the movie was not great, but it was better than I thought it would be.)
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To paraphrase that other paragon of homoeroticism, 300:


And it gets so much gayer. Behold:

Yes, it's very gay. But for the more open-minded, it's also a beautiful performance by the inimitable and inflammable Johnny Weir.
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One of the skating cowboys is married to the woman who introduced the segment. They have a new baby. Figure-skating might be cheesy, but it's not always gay!
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That was the single most homoerotic thing I've ever seen. Did anyone else get the idea that if Jessica Simpson were in the room hot, buttered and naked, these guys wouldn't even notice?
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Glad it's not all gay (though I did send the URL to a gay friend). We need more sexy men to balance the billions of boobs on the Internets. Women (straight women) use the Internet too, you know.
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so why is it assumed that all the girls will love this? i thought it was stupid. i lasted only a couple seconds because it was STUPID, not gay. it's too universal to say "this one's for all you female neatorama readers. guys: (straight ones) don't push play.. etc." and i don't know, some straight men might like this because they like skating and have an obsession with cowboys. i mean, you gotta open yourself up to those possibilities. and what makes this gay? let me re-phrase: what is it about men dressed as cowboys (remember that cowboys used to have a very 'manly' essense as displayed by clint eastwood) skating on sharp blades attached to their feet (also seen as 'manly' because skating is a sport, and men are commonly associated with sports) makes you think that they like it up the butt? there is nothing about what they are doing that would suggest a particular sexual preferences.

not to shit on you, alex, because it is funny. and not to make the rest of you scoff at my constant devil's advocacy... but stereotypical phrases that use ignorant language are a huge problem and they drive me nuts. we accept certain terms as "normal" because everyone else uses them, but we're hurting our own case by perpetuating this language. there are certain barriers that we cannot cross because we will offend someone if we do. a step in crossing this barrier is understanding WHY these terms are offensive and the connotations they carry. the term "gay" on doesn't even mention any sexual orientation until the FIFTH entry, yet, it's the only way we seem to know how to use it, and i have seen no hesitation to describe even inanimate objects! how is that?! sorry to waste so much space writing all this, but i just think it's too important to pass up this opportunity to share with you guys. you all seem to be of intelligent because you have a computer and go to neatorama, so i know you understand what i'm trying to say. all i ask of you is that you listen to your own language and the people around you and ask questions. ask yourself why you say certain things and where you got it from. also ask yourself if it is universal, meaning, does EVERYONE think this way? you'll be surprised at how socially influenced your own language is, and i challenge you to change it.
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Why is it gay? Put these guys in Chippendales, and you wouldn't say that. It's just fluff.

Oh no, they held hands to do some of those turns - it must be GAY!!!

Did you notice how the one guy couldn't keep his hat on at the end? I think they have pills to help with that.
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I dunno..I love both ice skating and cowboys. But combine the two together - I feel like Im watching something very very wrong.
I prefer my cowboys either on a horse, on a tractor or a truck.
NOT on ice.
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It's Kurt Browning's 'Gotta Skate' (I don't know which one). When the guys are done, their girlfriends/wives come out. The person at the beginning is Jamie Sale, from 2002 Olympics. Her husband, David Peltiere, is one of the skaters.
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MoonCake i totally thank ya for your sentiments/compassion on stuff like this but i'm one of teh geighs and i dont usually take offense when people throw the word around. sometimes i say it to mean stupid. i shouldnt but it's not just something i think about. other stuff to worry about when it comes to being gay.

that said, when alex implied it was for gays he wasnt saying the guys were gay, he was saying gay dudes would like it because the cowboys are cute. and i dont know a single gay guy who doesnt like cute men. and i have a pocket sized eye bleach cuz all i see all the time is naked/almost naked women in ads/movies/tv shows. so thanks for posting this!
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That was funny. Made me chuckle as I watched. And I agree it's basically Chippendales on ice. As to the people who are saying it's gay (I assume you're all male), I doubt many of you are self-confident enough to go see male strippers if something this silly and fun frightens you. If you men can find entertainment in a woman hanging upside down from a pole, I think we women with a sense of humor can enjoy a little bum wagging on skates. Thanks for my grin for the day!
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Well that sucked. I kept waiting for the clothes to come off at least. I hate cowboys they remind me too much of rednecks in pickup trucks.
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Great Alex! Let's go out and look for things to make gay men look stupid and then invite your readers to make homophobic comments! Great idea! "Gay Cowboys" not your thing ? What if I said, "Black Lawyers" not my thing ... ooh I had to look at a silly Hispanic woman ... let me wash my eyes out with bleach. I want to say F U.
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