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More Catwalk Mishaps

You probably think I find these clips funny as per my previous post, the fact of the matter is, I don't. I just feel sorry for these models. I cringe every time I see them trip or fall. Set designers ought to work on the stages and make them safer for the models. And it's not just the runways that are problematic, just look at some of those ridiculous shoes.

Link: YouTube

Mind you, this problem isn't limited to models. Women's shoes in general have NO tread whatsoever. Our shoes just don't grip the ground. It's terrible and I'm not even sure why it is that way. I buy a pair of women's boots and I get no tread. THEY'RE BOOTS FOR CHRISSAKE!

I do feel for these models. Oddly enough, a lot of them look to have weak ankles. Perhaps that also poses a problem...
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Any time you take someone with severe malnutrition and probably a drug problem as well, and put them in restricting clothes and 8 inch heels, they're bound to fall down a few times.

That having been said, it's always funny to see someone fall flat on their face. Laughter is the human response to a nervous situation.
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Designers are very cruel. They probably get in a lot of trouble for falling, but in reality its teh designers fault for making the product "tripable"
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I fell once wearing massive heels...

But remember Miss USA during the Miss Universe pageant last year, that got her more publicity than anyone -except the previous Miss USA who was accused of immoral acts....

Getting the publicity can actually be helpful to your exposure
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I hope I'm not the only person here who is stunned at how skinny these broads look. I mean, I'm used to seeing them in photos where they looks slim .. but seeing them in motion .. they look like skeletons!!
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@ Mattie

I agree. Although I'm a guy all the girls I know of (my mum, two sisters, ex-girlfriends) used to complain about the lack of treads on heeled shoes and on some boots. It's a real head scratcher for sure.

Now on to the actual walkway...why do they use some of the worst materials like metal, glass, or smooth plastic for the walkway?! That just begs for the girls and guys to slip! If anything if I were given the job to work on it I'd use rubber tiling.
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Some of those runways looked slick as ice or glass. I probably couldn't navigate them on flat soled shoes, much less the skyscrapers those poor girls wear.
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Why can't the designers just put their clothes on manequins and roll them down the runway? Why put those girls through unnecessary danger? Get them into a Golden Corral and fix em up!
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Anyone else find it terrible that the catwalk is the one place where, when a person falls down, a crowd of hundreds of people will watch, but nobody will move a muscle to help her get up? Everyone just stares and the model is forced to pretend it never happened, even if she's hurt.

A rough occupation for a probably teenaged girl.
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there's nothing that i love more than seeing runway models wearing ridiculous outfits beef it in front of thousands of people.
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I stopped watching when I saw the phrase "trecherous catwalks" on the screen.

Is that a cross between treacherous and lecherous?

I would blame malnutrition for making them lightheaded. You need a hard surface to walk on, because of the nature of those shoes. If they walked on a rubber surface, it would be even more difficult.
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