Steampunk Dalek

Wow! Alex Holden created this fantastic steampunk dalek sculpture out of a plastic Dalek bubble bath bottle:

The main body is made from a plastic Dalek bubble-bath bottle I bought very cheaply at Woolworth's in the post-Christmas sales. At the time I had no idea what I could use it for, but it looked too cool to pass up. I disassembled it and spray-painted the parts with a can of gold Plastikote paint after masking off the two silver arms on the front. The wheels, cylinders, chimney stack, and 'bumpers' came from a rather tacky brass model of Stephenson's Rocket I bought for £5 at a car boot sale.

Link - via Brass Goggles

I think this one is pretty pointless. The Daleks are already copper coloured, makeshift looking and covered in metal rivets. That's pretty much the essence of steampunk, so this is just overkill.
And I think most of the steampunk ideas are running out now. There's not really much more you CAN do.
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Nah, I like steampunk because I've always had a thing for antiques, It's awsome that it's combined witha Dalek. What I do see too much of these days is all the goth crap.
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I was doing some research on the steampunk themea for a friend's wedding and found this site/picture. I being a Dr. Who fan from the past, I love it.

If you don't like steampunk or goth than whatever! You do what you want. I however enjoy the change to the normal mass market dress and visuals. Some of us are there from the beginning and don't really have to try to understand.
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Nice idea -- I've seen a CGI of a steampunk dalek somewhere before.
I only have one problem with this one - look at the big rear wheels. The piston shaft is connected to the HUB of the wheel, not on a spoke. (Look at old locomotives.)So when steam pressure moves the piston, the wheel won't turn - it'll just sit there straining.
Aside from that, cool idea.
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Fantastic model, I don't know steam punk, and as far as i know dalek is an Illustrator. Is this a Warhammer-ish kind of thing?

anyway, nice rock
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some of you people live too much in these other worlds, which are great fun but, not actually true.
here in our world we still live very much in the age of steam. my ex mother in law when i first worked in the nuclear generating industry said: "i don't know why they don't use electricity like everyone else" she seemed to imagine thousands of little nuclears running along cables and killing everything in a kilometer radius. to all steamophobics most power stations (including nuclear, coal, oil,and gas) just boil water, make steam, turn turbines which turn alternators to make electricity. the only difference is the fuel, having worked in all types give me nuclear any day. it is cleaner and safer to work in and gives a decent amount of predictable power compared to windmills, (which i think are a waste of space, all figures having been manipulated by the green lobby [using the word mills instead of turbines is to demonstrate how much i dislike this form of generation, i like to tilt at them.])
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to miles batty,
in addition to the piston connected to the axle, the top valve on the water level indicator is non existant, meaning a broken sight glass can not be changed in service. this is obviously not a davros design.
p.s. are you lot in u.s.a.? i see a time difference. i am in scotland.
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I don't see any thing wrong with Steampunk styiling.

have you see the new way cheap stereo equipment is going? all flat silver. No wood grain, no choice of color... and everything looks like a "Transformer?"
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