Real Men Wear Kilts

Real Men Wear Kilts is a website with information on how to wear a kilt, news about kilts, links to vendors, and a member registry with pictures.
I have long felt that there was a desperate need for a website devoted to the WEARING of the kilt, not merely the sales of highland wear, kilts, sporrans, etc. To be certain, there are definitely sites detailing the history of the kilt, how to wear the kilt, etc., but not one that celebrated the wearing of this simple but somewhat controversial fashion.

I love to see a man wearing a kilt! Link -via the Presurfer

Nothing like a kilt and sporran.

I don't care for any of the other more firmal gear, perhaps worn with the plaid over the shioulder is about my limit.

Was the best man at a mates wedding last year.
It's a mixed marriage,my mate is Scottish and his husband English.

The English husband and best man,(I can't say 2nd best man), were jealous of our spledid garb.

Oh yes.

Though Kilts should be worn with at least 10 up black Doc Marten's Boots.
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I don't own the rights to this picture, nor can I recall where I got it other than I think as part of a powerpoint(R) presentation I was sent, but .. well, enjoy![5].JPG
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"Though Kilts should be worn with at least 10 up black Doc Marten’s Boots."

I wear mine w/ Docs when I'm going casual or to the Highland games:

The one thing I have to say about the Kilt, the ladies definitely notice you!
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Kilts are awesome, but I think one of the bigger barriers today is the price of a properly made one, in addition to corporate dress codes. I could never go to work in a kilt, because I'd be fired.
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"So, in all honesty - do they really not wear underwear underneath the kilts?"

My standard response is always:
Nothing is worn underneath the Kilt, everything is in perfect working order.
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The whole point of the kilt is to have unrestricted movement during activities (e.g. battle, games, peeing, etc.). This type of garment worked well for the Scots and Spartans to name a few. In fact the Spartans saw the wearing of trousers to be effeminate.
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ok .. I have corrected (renamed) the file so that the URL as I gave it in my earlier post works.

Miss C .. you must have a very forgiving browser .. or a good imagination.
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ah, good. Thot you'd enjoy the pic ..

My daughter, who used to play with a Celtic Pipe&DRum band, told us how after one performance downtown, she (in kilt) and several male band fellows (also in kilts) were strolling up the street and it was the guys who got the catcalls.
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That's quite possibly the worst front page I've ever come across. (Or am I the only one who sees the tiny "enter" button for a split second?)
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It wasn't just the Spartans who thought trousers were effeminate - all the Greeks did. And if the ancient Greeks thought something was effeminate... well. Nuff said.

Actually, I hate kilts. Maybe it's the plaid. Maybe it's just the idea of rough material where nice, soft underwear should be.

Maybe it's the damn bag pipes that accompany them.
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You may love a man in kilt, however I think this girl has one up on all of us:

"Jennie Breeden of takes her leaf blower to Dragon con every year and goes kilt hunting."
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Ah. The kilt. Of course.

I wear mine when I get the chance. I find more often than not that people are receptive to it... as opposed to some arse who feels the need to project his feelings of how it's improper for a yank like myself to be wearing a kilt.

There's always the questions about the tartan and making sure that one is only wearing their family's colors. (I rarely know anyone who sticks to their family's tartan if it's known, cause quite frankly, there are some really ugly patterns out there.)

It usually ends when I ask them if they're intimidated by a guy in a kilt (usually followed by an instant "NO!") or if they're simply hitting on me. That's when they go quiet.

What surprises me still is how often BOTH the ladies AND men (yes, gay AND straight, more often the straight guys believe it or not) will do a 'kilt check.' The last 5 years alone I've seen a big increase in the use of the kilt and I'm glad it's catching on.

Off the rack kilts are much more affordable now and if you make sure you measure yourself properly, they often fit quite well. One of mine is a military surplus (in glorious and heavy 18oz 8yrd wool) kilt and it fits great. It's not difficult to find heavyweight wool kilts for under $150. is a great place to start. They also make them in poly blends, cotton and acrylic. From what I hear, polyviscose and acrylic are the better subsitutes. I prefer wool just for the weight.

The "rules" for typical kilt wearing are pretty simple:

1) Pleats always in the back
2) Make sure it FITS
3) Wearing a sporran, while not required, really should be done. If only for modesty, at least. A kilt pin helps for windy areas. Modern kilts (such as Utilikilts) don't need 'em.
4) Boots with socks pushed down, dress shoes or dark trainers with socks pulled up. Sandles also work, but best without socks.
5) Know the tartan you're wearing at least... Just the name, not every scrap of history that exists. You will find people respond well if you at least care enough to know the name.
6) Make sure it fits! So important it has to be mentioned twice.

A nice dark kilt with a leather jacket and boots or dark trainers always works well. They can be dressed up and down quite effectively.

How does a kilt "fit?" Military kilts start just below the ribs, most don't. Traditional usually end up approx two inches above the pants belt line. Some modern casual kilts start them at the pants line. Depending on the cut, from where the kilt starts to the middle of the kneecap. The best way to judge is to have it barely above the floor when you stand on your knees.
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In a follow on to the "make sure it fits" a the bottom of a kilt should just touch the ground when you are kneeling so that when you stand up it is just below the knee. I spotted a tourist in a kilt that was practically a mini skirt, it looked terrible.
Kilts also look best when worn with a Scotland Rugby or football top.
Finally the guy in the utilikilts video has the worst accent ever.
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