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Excessory Baggage: The Dog Bag by Meryl Smith

Carrying a little dog in your bag is so 2007. This year, the haute couture is combining the two directly!! Behold the Excessory Baggage, a wry commentary/art by Meryl Smith:

The Honey Space, a usually unattended "no-profit" gallery in a Chelsea warehouse, asked 5 curators to select artists to create works that meet the size and weight requirements of international carry-on luggage. Perhaps inspired by Vuitton's nineteenth-century origins as a maker of upscale traveling cases, Meryl Smith combined leather, papier-mache, gold paint, and a (fake?) LV zipper to create Excessory Baggage. Yes, models and actresses are still accessorizing with little dogs, but why try to smuggle your barking purse pup through security when you could settle for convenient faux taxidermy instead?

Link - via Animal

That is terrifying.
Well done but terrifying.
Great commentary on the "taking your tiny dog everywhere in your purse" fad.
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its looks like a pig. furthermore, it sort of looks like a dark statement on vanity and materialism. Like something Maryln Manson would have.

Could it that fashion designers are subconciously mocking themselves?
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That is horrible. Just horrible.

Yet it is Art, because it makes us look beyond the immediate reaction and find some other idea - perhaps the artist's, perhaps our own original insight.

So remember - even when it is a Vuitton, that leather purse is just a bag made of skin. Skin that an animal was killed for.
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This isn't really new, there's been a company which make dog shaped bags for ages called Fuzzy Nation (
I have one in the shape of a chiuaua and my sister has a patterned one in the shape of a pug.
And for people who have heart attacks about leather you can buy them in fabric as well.
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That thing is an eerily accurate rendition of a chihuahua. The way they hunker down with their feet & tail tucked looking worried you might leave them behind. it's really really creepy! Does it shake?
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i dont think has anything to do with carrying dogs with you everywhere. i thinks its more of a comentary of how some high end bags are made out of animals and how would you like it if someone went and turned your dog or cat into a bag.
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