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6 Easter Eggs That Aren't Out Of Season

I love Easter eggs. They require a little poking around to find, but they usually contain something entertaining. I never find Easter eggs on my own, though. I wait 'til someone else finds them and then I take advantage of what they know. And now you can too. Finding Easter eggs hidden within DVDs and software is like finding a little hidden treasure. At least, it is for me. I think the first one I ever "found"(read: discovered from surfing the Internet) was on the Zoolander DVD, which, incidentally, is one of the first DVDs I ever owned. The first DVD I ever owned was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, in case you were wondering. Anyway, thought I'd share some of the ones I found most entertaining. Enjoy!!

1. A Christmas Story

If you're a fan of A Christmas Story, no doubt you've always wanted your very own frah-gee-lay leg lamp. Unfortunately, this egg won't get you one, but it will give you a little taste by letting you see a fake leg lamp commercial. To get to it, you just go to the "Special Features" option on disc two of the movie. But don't click on it. Instead, once you have the text highlighted, push the right arrow button to reveal a special Christmas gift. Click on that to see the commercial. This only works with the double-disc edition, though.

2. Arrested Development, Season One

Go to Disc three and select "Special Features" and then "Deleted and Extended Scenes". Then highlight any scene you want, but instead of pushing ender, press right. Tobias Funke will suddenly have a circle around him. Press enter to see a bonus outtake featuring Tobias. "All of Tobias", according to Alice Stevens of I just started watching Arrested Development and am only on disc two, so maybe those of you who have done this could enlighten me – does it mean what it sounds like it means?

3. Office Space – Special Edition with Flair

Here's a surprise – you find this egg by going to the Special Features menu! I'm sensing a trend here. Next, highlight "Main Menu" and hit your right arrow. The infamous red stapler should pop up. Click on it to see the DVD credits… including a special treat from Milton himself.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl

This is a good one for Disney-philes like me. Pop disc three into your DVD player and select the "More Fly on the Set" option. Then highlight "The Dock" and press your up button three times. Select the gold plate that appears and get ready to hear a 1967 commercial for the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

5. Lost, Season Three

I'm an obsessive Lost fan, so I was delighted to find this egg. Go to the main menu on the Bonus Disk; hit option three; hit enter. Enter again. Then from "Lost on Location" enter twice. Scroll to "The Man From Tallahassee", then hit the left arrow key once and the up arrow key twice. Then hit enter and watch a couple of your favorite Lostaways go for a "little" swim.

6. Zoolander

You didn't think I'd throw the Zoolander egg in your face without giving it to you, did you? So, head to the main menu and – surprise! Click Special Features. Then select "more". Highlight 'Photo Galleries" and push the right arrow button. The Mugatu logo should now be highlighted. Annnd – it's a walk-off!! It's a walk-off. Click it to see Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller practicing their walk-off. Thanks Billy Zane. Obviously, these are just my favorites. There are tons out there – what ones do you think are worth the effort of finding?

I've been always wondering where the knowledge of those eggs is coming from. Is it from the creator leaking it, or an army of mad monkeys typing randomly on keybords/DVD remotes?
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Pretty cool stuff. Given that Arrested Development is the best show ever, I will definitely be checking out that egg tonight. I would also check out the Zoolander one, but a crazy ex girlfriend stole that DVD.
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The Memento special edition dvd has a version of the film that plays in chronological order. That's pretty cool but pretty much destroys the film.
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I'm pretty sure the Arrested Development thing has to do with the never-nude arch for Tobias. I feel like I remember seeing that blooper, I must have stumbled upon the easter egg without noticing!
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The all-time coolest Easter Egg isn't an Easter Egg.

It's an episode of Doctor Who that aired last year called 'Blink'.

And yes, the DVD has an Easter Egg of the Easter Egg.

See it before it wins the Hugo this year!
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My favorite has to be the rockstar wish in the movie "Bedazzled"

From the second page of the "Special Features" section, highlight any of the bonus options and press right. The devil will now appear on the screen. Press enter.

It's kinda dark so I can see why they removed it from the main movie. It makes a great easter egg though.
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There are TONS on the Pirates of the Caribbean disk. The best one is an interview with Keith Richards about how Johnny Depp based the character of Jack Sparrow on him (don't ask me where it is... search the internet if you want to find out)
Also, in the DVD of the Ring there's an egg of the Ring video (I haven't got up the courage to watch it yet though...), and in the DVD of Moulin Rouge there's a clip of Nicole Kidman laughing hysterically.
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A Christmas Story better have an Easter egg - I mean, the movie's on tv 4,396 times a year already. Without an Easter egg there's no reason to buy or rent the DVD.
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You can buy the Christmas Story leg lamp for your very own. We bought one for my husband's dad.
There is even the certificate to download.
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I think Episode III has one where Yoda and the Stormtroopers bust out hip-hop style. It was pretty funny, albiet just another unnecessary layer to a demolished franchise.
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There is a special feature (not an easter egg, just a regular special feature) on the Pirates DVD that is Walt Disney taking people on a tour of the original Pirates ride. The best part is where he's showing off the part where the pirates are auctioning off the local women, and he points to a particularly overweight woman and says, "And here's the biggest bargain of the day!" WALT DISNEY said that! He's making fun of a fat woman who is being sold to pirates. Now that's the guy I want shoveling cartoons into my kids' heads.
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