Where on Earth is Waldo, (Soon to Be) the Google Maps Version

Photo: 1-800-AIREELZ.COM

Artist Melanie Coles (and friends) created a giant 54-foot tall Waldo on a rooftop somewhere in Vancouver, Canada. The idea is to wait till a Google fly-by, so we can all then play Where (on Earth) is Waldo on Google Maps!

Link - via Beyond Robson, thanks Duran Cheung!

i find the whole waldo/wally thing a bit confusing.

i always believed they were British books, and over here he's called wally, except his nemisis sort of guy the yellow striped one, is called odlaw, which is waldo backwards.
just seems a bit strange as to why they did that really
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What a fun thing to do. Good for her.

I had a similar idea. Because I can't think of a way to make money on it, here it is: companies should put their logos on their roofs. I was looking for a Target on a Google Maps aerial photo and I thought I had the right building but I wasn't sure. Wouldn't it have been convenient for me, and money-making for Target, if there had been a huge red Target logo on the roof so that I could be sure?

Little stores couldn't do it because they wouldn't have roof space, and local businesses probably don't have well-known logos. But McDonalds, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. could make finding their locations very easy.
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It doesn't appear on google maps yet. Here's the location
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Or you could just look up the address of the Target store itself. Do you really need to identify it by air to find it on the ground?
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this is my local supermarket, and it does have it's name on the roof like someone mentioned.

but this isn't a goolgle maps thing it's because the incoming flight path of manchester airport runs right by, hence why it's upside down
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ross - There are no "Google sats" - they buy the data from various sources. Depending on where it is, it could be as short as a year or two. Or never. (A lot of areas are still in original low resolution.)
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D'oh. I had an idea to mow a funny shape in a field, but you're idea is better so I'll give up.

I guess I will have to find out when the google street view cars will be rolling by so I can put funny stuff in my neighbor's driveway.
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Hi! Glad to see all the comments! I am involved in Melanie's project and it is great fun. Now all we need is for Google Earth to fly by and take a snapshot. I wrote an article on my blog about the "Where on Earth is Waldo" project in relation to the question of "Is Google God?". I show a photo from 2007 where a huge (biodegradable) Homer Simpson showed up on a British hillside next to a famous fertility symbol chalkdrawing, the "Cerne Abbas Giant". Here is a link to my article:
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@definitelyme : why is it “Where’s Wally” in England?
Yep, it should be something else...

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