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Magic Pen Flash Game

This Flash game is more fun than it should: the goal is simple - all you need to do is use your magic pen and draw circles, rectangles and other shapes to push the red circle toward the flag.

But the principles of physics, darn them, are always trying to thwart what you're doing: Link [Flash game] - Thanks CheeseDuck!

Liphttam, you know you don’t get anything for posting “first comment” on everything, right? And then posting what you think about it immediately afterwards. Please stop.
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Pretty cool actually. I've seen software before that allows you to draw simple physics problems and see the result before though. The other application didn't have it in the form of a game though. :)
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It's nice, but it's just not Crayon Physics ( ); it feels too rigid, too controlled, too- clean, and not like a child's drawing.

My biggest gripes are that here's absolutely no clipping of shapes, while that's good from the point that everything is stable (one of CP's weaknesses is that overlapping shapes 'spaz out' and fly across the screen), it also means that you can't create a lever under the ball to catapult it across the screen.

Also, if you get three of four flags but loose the ball, you have to start from scratch. >.<
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Amazing! A crayon physics clone!

Although speaking of crayon physics clones if you've got an iPhone you're willing to jailbreak, one must check out iPhysics, *amazing*... it's what the iPhone interface was made for ; -)
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oh dear.. i began playing this game at 6:30 am at work.. i had to leave to go to school and i thought about it all day. i got only a couple times to play it until i got home around 7:30pm, and then i played it until i had to go to bed at 11. terribly, terribly addicting game. holy crap it's fun. i got through to level 12, but when the ball turned into a cube, it got much more complicated.
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