The 3D Camera

This is the camera I've always imagined Blinky, the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons, would use:

Behold the 120 Tri-lens from Chinese camera manufacturer 3D World. I won't even pretend that I understand how it works (like why it needs the 3rd lens to capture a stereo photo - aren't two lenses enough? I have 2 eyes and I see in 3D ... )

Links: Impact Lab has the spec | Like Cool has more pics | Original website [down when I tried it] - via The Bad Rant

How strange, every link I went to has lots of pictures of the camera but not one 3D picture to let you know what the result would look like..which is the point of the revolutionary product.
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They don't show any results!

From past experience with handheld 3d cameras marketed to customers at large, this is BAD news. It means it DOESN'T WORK WORTH SH...


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This is a FILM camera.

FILM, as in one chance at a shot, expensive to develop, and getting rarer.

If it were digital, maybe. But FILM?

Film is dying. Radiology departments are almost all digital, and are certainly distributed that way. Movies are quickly becoming digital, and are certainly distributed that way. New media is all digital anyway, and -- yep -- certainly distributed that way.

Did I mention the 3-D montrosity is a FILM camera?

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In the past I've used a disposable 3d camera. The pics were kind of weird but cool. They had lots of depth and could have been an interesting project if I had more time and money. The camera was sold at Wal-Mart and you had to mail it away to get the pics processed. By the way it also had three lenses. I think their arranged by near, mid range and far giving you a full depth of view.
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Dan, because digital photos and video aren't admissible in court film is still quite valuable as an analog medium. It's extremely difficult to alter an analog photo without it being noticed: not so with digital. Unless something comes along which changes that, analog photography will be around for a bit longer.
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If It does what I think it does... which is use triangulation to discern 3d coordinates and organize it using a 3d graph display... then the 3rd lens is indeed not necessary... but allows the data to be that much more exact than when using just 2 lens. The 3rd lens is used for validation.
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The third lens on top is the viewing lens. Its basically like a twin lens camera like the old Rolleiflex except it has an extra taking lens.

Some of us prefer film. It has a different look.
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Yes, it's a film camera, resulting in medium format stereo pairs, their preference is slides, and sell a separate medium format slide viewer as well, think Viewmaster on steroids. If you'll remember the tiny slide film on viewmasters is about the size of the old negatives on disk cameras, these negatives are bigger than Imax negatives ! It's actually an incredibly stunning result. I bought a viewer and a 10 pack of stereo slides from them a year or so ago and it is very impressive.

If you have red/blue anaglyph 3d glasses like from the Spy Kids 3 or Sharkboy movies you can see 3d pictures for free that I've taken at my site:

I use a custom digital rig and can also do traditional stereo pairs, which are superior to anaglyph (since they don't filter colors) but anaglyph glasses are more accessible to the masses with simple cardboard glasses. Hey, I rhymed ;)
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This camera creates medium format stereo pairs. If you think film is lame or film is dead then you just reveal your cluelessness about photography. If film was dead, why would Kodak and Fuji still be doing R&D and issuing new, improved products.

Clearly, you have never seen a medium format stereo pair. They are stunning. Mind blowingly awesome. The images this camera creates are like actually being there. No other 3D image display technology can beat medium format stereo slides.

If you think 3D is anaglyphs or cross-eyed viewing of an image on an LCD monitor, then I'm sorry for your ignorance.

If you are willing to invest some time, you can get similar images using this, less expensive camera:

If you are willing to learn to do some chemistry, you can develop the slides yourself (it is not as hard as people might tell you) for about $2 a roll.

Have fun!
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My meter became disfunctional after a few rolls. Aside from that, the put-downs above of the camera, of film, and of 3D, are ignorant.
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all so called 3d cameras are not real till now, a real 3d camera should display instant 3d pictures,which should be viewed without any eye aids, should be easy to display on a normal film ( or paper ), and should be processed without any computer tricks. This is not available till now, though it is not impossible to creat.
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