Now THAT'S a Steady Hand!

This Korean TV show highlights some incredible archery - marksmen split an apple and egg at 70m, then do what seems to be impossible - split a thread, a soybean, then an arrow at 30m (go to 3:00 in to see the seemingly impossible arrow shot). Click play, or go to the video [YouTube], to watch.


Big deal. I just split *this* thread. :P
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that is incredible! the mythbusters took on the splitting an arrow myth, but i forget how it ended. i feel like they decided it was not possible... but obviously, it is. they needed this guy on their show.
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Actually, Andy, the Mythbusters showed that splitting a wooden arrow was busted. This archer put one arrow inside another hollow metal arrow- the accuracy was impressive but the arrow itself did not split. Splitting hollow metal arrows is actually a fairly frequent occurrence at any archery range.
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After 10+ years of archery competition, I can say that those guys are quite good (see how the arrow is well released)., and that there was no wind...

Splitting arrows in archery is relatively rare with real metal arrows because the tip is closed with a conic metal end and the diameter is identical, unlike the receiving one on the video. I've seen it happening only twice.
I don't count the times were the whole archery club was aiming at a quarter sized coin, or the bottom of a lighter with a candle under it... You never took your valuable carbon fiber arrows to those arrows salads ;)

That's the reality:
or for carbon
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My problem with the mythbusters busting the arrow myth, is that they used a grained wood for the arrow. If it were a more traditional hollow reed arrow, I'm positive it would work.
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