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Surprise! iPod shuffles for Neatorama's Top Commenters

Quite a while ago we had a little surprise for three of Neatorama's top commenters. It's our way of saying thank you for participating and making the blog better by commenting. Back then, I dropped a hint that we would do it again (at an unspecified future date) - and to qualify this time, you'd have to be a registered user on the blog.

Well, folks, it's time. I'd like to congratulate ted, Ali S., and Justin for winning a brand new Apple iPod shuffle 1GB (or $50 by PayPal if they live outside of the US).

Here's a screen shot of the Top Commenters for March 2008:

(Yes, other people had more comments than Ali S. and Justin, but they weren't registered users as of the time I write this post - sorry guys!).

We'll do this again, but like last time, I won't tell you when. It'll be unannounced - because it's not a ploy to boost up commenting (the last time we did this, there was a brief spike in comments, which then leveled off as I suspected it would). It's simply a "thank you" for Neatorama's most loyal readers/commenters. And yes, the next winners will also be registered user of the blog (Register here - it's fast and easy).

By the way, everyone has an equal chance of winning - the top commenter list is updated (reset) on a monthly basis.

Congratulations again to the winners and thank you everyone for reading and commenting on Neatorama!

"the list of top commenters is updated monthly", I hope that actually means that it will be reset to 0 :D otherwise that also means that some people need to get a life :D (j/k)
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@Aeris: yeah, it gets reset to zero every month. So the slate is wiped clean monthly ... will it be your turn next time?

@Video Game Dork: that's an interesting idea but displaying the entire list will surely grind the server to halt! The top commenters list only list the 15 most prolific commenters, but they also show the number of comments made - so that'll give you an idea of how far off you are :)

@Fresh: With most browsers, all you have to do is login once and it'll remember who you are via cookies. :)
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I hope this encourages comments, I like when the comments add more to the post than actually gained from the post, many people, many opinions makes good reading.
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Wow! I've never won anything in my life before! Thanks Alex! And to all the folks here this is probably a good incentive for you all to register as well! :) Comments and frequent visitors/fans here on Neatorama are what helps this site become a really awesome site to visit each morning!
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Been a long time reader of Neatorama and I have been enjoying the site a great deal. Seeing this post showed me the need to register! Congrads to the winners and way to give back Neatorama!
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Wow, I know I made the list once in January - but this definitely gives me an incentive to comment more often and get on the list everytime.

By the way - this was an excellent idea, Alex!
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What I like about neatorama is you don't have to register to comment. Sure, I'll never win a prize and I don't comment very often but it's great unregistered readers can have their say too. I've been surfing the net for years and I've never registered with anyone, I never will.
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I know I don't/won't comment enough to ever be in the running for a prize, but out of curiosity, where do I fall on the list?

Cong rats 2 teh winnarz!
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Just kidding. That's really cool incentive to post! Good idea. I know I'll never be up for an award because I don't post too frequently (used to be 'Jake D.' before I registered) but I really enjoy seeing some comments under the posts. It adds a lot to the content because of the, usually, interesting perspectives added. And I like how the bloggers read the comment and often edit the posts on it; makes the community stronger!

The only thing I don't care for with the comments is when a vaguely dark post is made, it initiates all sorts of "don't see how this is neat..." etc. etc. negative comments. But that comes with the territory!

Anyway, nothin' but love for the site. *fist pound*
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I tried to register a few times before, but every time it hasn't worked and I have to create a new name and use another email address so I can continue posting.
That's why you don't see any posts from thanerosse anymore. And probably from now on you won't see any from Rosi.
Any chance of fixing the registration system?
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Though the Zune might seem technically more superior compared to any of the iPods or other music players out there in the market, the sheer class of the iPod cannot be met by anything in the market today! We wtill go into stores and ask for something like an iPod; and that cuts the Zune and all the other music players put together!!
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Finally, Microsoft coming up with a music player means it is taking competition from Apple seriously! This should have been done when the second generation iPod came out itself. Now, it is too late!
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I am really impressed. I will be visting this site more often.This is something without which I never step out of my house. It makes me feel relaxed and the for a music lover like me would feel life incomplete without it.
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