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10 Most Outrageous Moments in The Transporter

In honor of news that Jason Statham is going to star (as Frank Martin) in the third installation of The Transporter series, Always Watching has compiled the top 10 most outrageous moments from the previous two films.

I quite like the original (better than the second one), so here's hoping that the third will be somewhat decent!

This list utterly fails without the end of Transporter 2. He's fighting the bad guy in a plane with no pilot, which climbs vertically, stalls out, and crashes cockpit first into the ocean... and both men just keep on using kungfu, even right after the plane crashes (without disintegrating OR sinking). When they finally leave the plane, there are coast guard ships already there within a couple dozen yards.
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I loved the first one, thought the second one was just ridiculously stupid. Don't get me wrong, they're both unrealistic, but in different ways. For instance, in the first one, he deflects a rocket with a serving tray. This might be ridiculous, but it's cool. In the second one, he is being chased by several men with guns, but then they chase him into a room where a bunch of melee weapons are hanging on the wall. They all proceed to grab the weapons off the wall, and now none of them have guns. What the hell happened to the guns?
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My girlfriend senses are tingling...

She love this guy so much she purchased those 2 movies and dragged me to the theater to see them... the pain... I must hide this.

Not a word.
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Man or Monster
the guys had guns but no bullets and the ammo for them was in the garage witht the cars
everything else makes no sense but dosnt have to : )
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I worked on Transporter 2 (#1,#2, and #7 above contain shots I worked on), and I have an interesting tidbit to share, from the director Louis Leterrier:

Jason Statham's character is gay, as is François Berléand's (they are lovers).

Let that sink in, have a chuckle, and rewatch the second film. it is dripping with references to this fact, and knowing it makes the film 10x more enjoyable- you will get the jokes that you never realized were jokes. The sexual double entendres are amazing, especially from Berléand. In many ways, deciding to make such a macho man in a "guy's movie" a homosexual is brilliant.
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