The Secret of Weight Loss of Yore: Tape Worms!

StacyBee snapped this photo of a strange weight loss technique of yore: tape worms! The labels on the jars said: "Sanitized Tape Worms, Jar Packed, "Friends for a Fair Form", and Easy to Swallow.

The poster on the back had a comforting label that said "NO DANGER, guaranteed harmless" and beckons you to "Eat! Eat! EAT! & Always stay Thin! FAT the enemy that is shortening your life BANISHED!"

Found at i met a possum, part of her ongoing rant against the creepiness that is the House on the Rock: Link

when I was in the 9th grade our bio teacher told us about health spas you could go to back in the 70's. People went, and at the beginning they were given a "protein shake." At the end they went home twenty pounds lighter.

Well, the protein shakes were actually laced with tapeworm eggs, which hatched and lived on you until the end of your time at the health spa, when you were given a dewormer disguised as a vitamin. The problem was that sometimes the dewormers didn't work and the spa was eventually busted, or something to that effect.

It's been a long time since I've heard that story and I'd be interested to know how much of it was true. I've never followed up on it.
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In the Harvard Museum of Natural History you can see jars of tapeworms that a doctor had removed from wealthy Boston Brahmins. Each worm is tagged with the name and address from whom the worm was removed!
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i went to the house on the rock when i was 13. For some reason that house is very unsettling. first it is out in the middle of nowhere. (my family lives in Gurnee Illinois which is on the border of Illinois wisconsin). When we got there it seemed friendly in the house part but then we started getting into the collections. This man has everything imaginable and some things the mind can not concieve. as you go into the collections the house has many self playing music machines that play creepy tunes. The house also has a full victioran street with actual shops with actual items from the 1800's and a full size train in the same room as the street. we left the house as it was closing and it was empty and we were really freaked out. We later learned that the founder of the house when he died his ashes were sprinkled on the top of the house.
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