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Trivia: Solar Energy = 1 Trillion 1 Megaton Atom Bombs Per Second

Every second, the sun produces more energy than human civilizations have ever produced in history.

Indeed, every second, the sun produces about 400 trillion trillion watts of energy. That's the equivalent of a trillion 1 megaton atom bombs! (Source)

Damn, if ONLY there was some way to harness all of that energy! No worries, I'm sure the government is all over a project that important, rest easy citizens.
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I am sure that corporations, politicans and scientists are working hard at this very moment to make this free energy available to everyone on this planet, rich and poor.
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Take the total energy output of the sun, and divide it by the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 93 million miles (the formula is 4 times pi times the radius squared). Take that number and multiply it by the radius of earth squared times pi.

It's a very small portion of the total output.
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