Rabbit Massage

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A live rabbit gets a rubdown from a lookalike mechanical bunny. Watch for the ear action! -via Arbroath

From observing my own pet rabbits, I'd say that this is not a rubdown, but a display of submission. Rabbits will often mount each other -- even in reverse, as in this case -- and hump to display dominance. In this case, the live rabbit is adopting the posture of submission (head on the floor) to the toy rabbit.
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this bothers me a lot.

i will never look at those the same again when I walk by the toy store...
but John is right. my rabbit does that too.
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Actually, this isn't a horny real rabbit seeking robo rabbit love.

Rabbits lay their head low in a demand for grooming. The inferior rabbits will realize that they must groom their superior and consent. So in rabbit thought, if I put my chin on the ground it's because you're only good enough to clean me and hope that someday I'll clean you back. If I feel like it.

In other words, biological beings exert their dominance over mechanical beings beyond the human/robot scale. Success!
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