Animals Are People Too; They Like Getting Drunk!

In this 1974 cult favorite documentary by Jamie Uys, titled Animals are Beautiful People, there is a segment where they showed that animals are just like (some) people because ... they like getting drunk, too!

... But after a few weeks the Merulas get overripe and they start dropping from trees. Then all of the animals wade in and gorge themselves on the rotting fruits. It starts fermenting in their tummies and turns into very a potent brew. So on the way home, things start happening to them ...

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] to see how hammered animals look like! Thanks esa!

Reminds me of a friend's dog that used to steal our beer and get drunk. We didn't give any to him, he would actually steal the cans and bite into them until they would burst!
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The hung over monkeys were the best! I also saw a documentary on Animal Planted or Discovery that showed monkeys that lived in a resort town somewhere that would go around the pool and beaches at the hotel and steal peoples cocktails while they weren't looking and get hammered. Good times.
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First: I think this has been posted here for the third time now.
Second: It's Marula, not Merua.
Third: They don't get drunk on the rotting fruit; they wouldn't be able to eat enough of them to actually get drunk from.
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Animals like to have fun as well, if I were a smaller simian I wouldn't want to party with an elephant..imagine having this giant teetering creature coming towards plastered off it's ass.
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Retrokatze your links were about elephants. I would think that the size of the animals would make a difference in whether or not they could get drunk.
But anyway, I heard that biologists think that the reason humans have a taste for alcohol goes back to our ancestors (the common ancestor of humans and apes). They may have eaten fermented fruit because of the alcohol taste--the fruit gave them the vitamins/sugars that they needed when what they "thought" they wanted (so to speak) was the alcohol. Their bodies developed a taste for alcohol so they could get these nutrients
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this movie is friggin brilliant. i saw it as a child and sought it out like my own holy grail. i wish humans didn't always pretend to be more complex than the rest of the animal kingdom.
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