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New Dance Craze: Le Tabarnak

One leg must be raised in the air.

Click play or go to Link.

As a French-Canadien from Montréal, I feel quite embarrassed about this...

FYI, I've never seen anybody dance this way here. I think these guys just made it up.
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I would beat the shit out of anyone that danced like that at a club. Effen stupid. That takes alot of talent. It's popular with the obese,lazy,stoned hip hop crowd. Which accounts for 99% of them. Yeah I said it so what?
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And this sprung from the hip-hop/rap culture. Gee I am soo shocked. No really. ok... not at all.

bad music, Grills, spinners, bling, low ass baggy clothes, and now the one leg dance. How abusurd can they get? mmmm not sure, but I'm betting they'll think of something else.
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Wow!!! C'est beaucoup mieux que la tecktronic...en plus c'est lre premier a faire une chanson sur la danse. J'ai vu pleins d'autres videos sur le site letabarnak . com
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Remember people, if you don't want this to happen to you, eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of water so that you too can stay regular.

Constipation - it's not just uncomfortable, apparently it's some french hip hop (c)rap.
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haha this thing is hilariouss ! :)
people actually do this at parties,etc. IN QUEBEC.
the song is okay, but the dance is horriblee !
you should post something about tecktonik , the french dance craze !
a bit more impressive then this ;)
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This has potential but it's basically Reggae style. To the people that disrespect hip hop creations, do you realize that today most dancers, music come from Hip Hop or have it incorporated. So before you show ignorance to urban culture (for whatever Ism reasons) try to spread some intellect.

To some people, anything created by Black kids is "Bad". It's 2008 bring some love to the globe.

I don't see the dance indicated in the video as being an entire dance but merely a TRANSITION dance, which is still good.
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WOW! I've just discovered this dance.....and it's cool as hell!!! They have a website and an album out and it's real big in Quebec....they're soon to be legends!!!
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