Snake Juice

Peter Kelly reponded to the post about rattlesnake vodka with this photograph he took in Vietnam. The caption reads
These are artistically arranges snakes in bottles of liquor. People drink this. Really.

Link -Thanks, Peter!

They put all sorts of animals in their liquor bottles over there. They think they can drink the animals characteristics or some jazz like that...
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It's incredibly common in those cultures. There's a video of the foul mouthed TV Chef and one of the Top Gear guys drinking the stuff. I posted it over on my forum; let me see if I can find it.

Here it is:

I'd love to try the stuff just to say I had, but the quality of the liquor is I'm sure absolute crap.

The REALLY fowl stuff (pun intended) is some nordic or icelandic or inuit cultures (apologies, I don't remember which) actually put birds into bottles. That's very dangerous - much higher likelihood of contamination. The other animals aren't really that big of a deal.
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Dude! That's 3 Snake Wine! An ex-boyfriend of mine found some of that when he was doing a moving job for a Chinese restaurant. The proprietor told him it would make him sexually attractive and so he drank some of it. Maybe it worked, I sure thought he was hot.
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I love how we're not supposed to reuse plastic water bottles because the chemicals will leach into the water, but RATTLESNAKES... that's just fine.
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They sell this type in China too. I had the opportunity to try snake wine (because how badass does it sound to say you've drank snake?) but I had to decline for the rat one.. that was.. wrong to say the elast.
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Oh yea, we were told by the older Vietnamese guy that he has a glass every morning because it makes him stronger, but the rat wine - that's only for special occasions!

It is absolutely foul by the way!!
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It is correct, that you find snakes in rice wine in about every shop in Viet Nam. The monkeys are harder to find though:
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Not to burst any bubbles, but that looks like a cobra instead of a rattle snake. I live in Texas, and we are replete with the nasty critters.
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I've had this stuff. The first shot made me projectile puke, but the second one wasn't too bad. By the third or fourth my mouth was numb anyway.
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I had some of the stuff, a friend has a neighbor that is from Vietnam, he had a few bottles of it. They poured the shot before I got to see the bottle, it was pretty potent stuff.
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Went back to the motherland and bought some of that stuff but with scorpions instead. Supposedly great for manly type stuff...
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